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Harbinger Expands Line with new Women’s Belt and Red Line Wrist Wraps

Date: 8/29/12

(August 29, 2012) Harbinger just introduced the company’s popular 5” Foam Core Belt in PINK/BLACK for women and new Red Line Wrist Wraps to join the already popular Pro Thumb Loop Wrist Wraps.

Harbinger’s NEW 232 Women’s 5” Foam Core Belt - Harbinger’s NEW Women’s 5” Foam Core Nylon Belt is designed specifically for women with a lower profile to better fit the natural shape of the female form. The 2” support strap stabilizes lower back and abdomen, tensioning down between hip and ribs for most secure and comfortable fit. The breathable plush tricot lining is soft on the skin, while the ultra-light foam core supports the back and maintains muscle warmth. Heavy gauge steel tensioning buckle further customizes fit. Available in PINK/BLACK, XS-M. MSRP $20.00  

Harbinger’s NEW 443 Red Line Wrist Wraps – Designed to help lifters train with more weight over longer workouts and reap maximum benefits, Harbinger’s new distinctive red line competition grade elastic maximizes wrist stability. It also helps minimize wrist fatigue during reps. The extended 18” length adjustable closure provides a full range tensioning while the thumb loop secures the wrist wrap on the hand. Available in BLACK/RED. MSRP $13.00

According to LiveStrong, “the website Skinny Bulk Up reports wrist wraps can enable you to train more frequently with heavier weights and more repetitions. Often when performing an exercise your grip becomes weakened during a set. When your grasp on a weight is compromised, you are forced to prematurely conclude the set because you are no longer capable of supporting the weight. Wearing wrist wraps requires you to concentrate on training the muscles you are targeting. By focusing on specific muscles, you may gain strength and muscle size.”

Harbinger was founded in 1988 with the patented WristWrap design, the most powerful wrist support system ever built into a glove. Today, the company produces a full range of innovative, high-quality training gear including: gloves, belts, straps, wraps, jump ropes, resistance cables, balance trainers and mats. Harbinger is distributed worldwide via sporting goods retailers, specialty fitness stores, training gyms and health clubs. For additional information, visit www.harbingerfitness.com.


Please contact me directly should you need high-resolution images or product samples.  

Thank you, Melanie Riley (707) 438-7777 ext 128 mriley@harbingerfitness.com  

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