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UFC Champion Cung Le Joins Brain-Pad Team In Promoting Athelets Safety

Date: 10/2/12

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Bill Samuel

Cung Le Joins Brain-Pad Team Letting Young Athletes Know How To Protect Themselves

Conshohocken, PA – October 1, 2012 Brain-Pad, Inc. is proud to announce that Cung Le, who will be fighting for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the CotaiArena in Macao, China on Saturday, November 10, 2012, has officially announced he considers Brain-Pad’s Jaw-Joint Protector™ dual-arch mouth guards part of his required fight gear.  Cung has enthusiastically endorsed and recommended this stand-alone protective technology for all mixed martial arts fighters, and athletes of all contact sports.   This championship fight will pit Cung Le, who is a former Strikeforce champion, against Rich Franklin, a former UFC champion, in the headline middleweight contest. The bout is being heralded as the premier sports telecast for the UFC in China this year!   Cung Le is well-recognized as one of the premier mixed martial arts fighters of all time. Cung has risen into the same class as Bruce Lee, and is an innovator of fight moves previously considered impossible. After meeting Brain-Pad® President Joseph Manzo in 1998 and becoming convinced of the value of a dual-arch Jaw-Joint Protector™, the Brain-Pad® product immediately became part of his fight gear. Since using Brain-Pad® Cung Le has not suffered a closed head injury or TMJ injury in all that time!! Keeping in mind, Cung is known for practicing a training regiment that is almost as intense as his actual fight performance.  

Cung has triumphed in Sanshou, Kickboxing, and Mixed Martial Arts contests for over ten years and has consistently worn Brain-Pad® protection throughout his illustrious, continuing career under the Strike-Force, & now UFC label.   Cung Le also discovered during his intensive training work-outs that the improved constant breathing during clenching enhanced his stamina enabling him to deliver much harder blows throughout his self-prescribed, longer training sessions.
Cung is currently training for his long-awaited UFC appearance before millions of aspiring Chinese fighters and fanatically devoted fans & spectators.

Training in China for UFC with Brain-Pad Jaw-Joint Protector Cung Le has gained a new fan-base and considerable professional respect by starring in his first series of action movies in which he has be able to show his very high level of athleticism, and extraordinary combat arts skills on the big screen. Cung Le has starred in martial arts films like: Pandorum Attractive (with Dennis Quaid & Ben Foster), Bodyguards and Assassins (Donnie Yen), and Dragon Eyes (Jean-Claude Van Damme & Peter Weller). His latest movie, “The Man With The Iron Fist” will be opening in November 2012.   “I have been wearing the Brain-Pad® protection religiously for basically my whole professional career.” Says Cung Le. “After assessing the protective and enhancing qualities of this Jaw-Joint Protector™ (JJP) technology, and also requiring it for my fighting teams, it should be a mandated piece of protective gear. I feel an obligation in letting younger athletes involved with MMA and all contact sports be informed that wearing the Brain-Pad® JJP can help take a punch and protect you from needless head trauma at the base of the skull and TMJ. It also plays a big part in extending your career, and the quality of life long after the contests are over.”   “ Having one of the greatest living Martial Artists of all time exclusively protect himself with our technology for over a decade , and now officially endorse & promote it to young athletes around the world, is fantastic and proof-positive we have a cutting edge, protective technology anyone physically aspiring and competing can benefit from.”. - says Joseph Manzo, President/CEO, Brain-Pad®, Inc.    

Brain-Pad®, Inc. has been a leader and innovator in the development of Jaw Joint Protector™ devices since its founding as WIPSS Products, Inc. by Dr. Edward Williams, a dental surgeon who developed the initial, beginning concepts of a Jaw-Joint ProtectorTM that could be mass-produced and custom-fitted by means of a “boil & bite” process. Since changing its name to Brain-Pad®, Inc. in 2004, “Brain-Pad®” has become synonymous with minimizing and reducing impact forces to the base of the skull and TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint) from lower jaw impacts. Brain-Pad’s biomechanically tested & proven technology has application in every form of the combat arts and tactical training as well as in helmeted contact sports, and non-helmeted stick & racket sports. See Brain-Pad at www.brainpads.com

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