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SFIA Addresses Impact of the Election on Sports/Fitness Industry

Date: 11/9/12

SFIA To Host Webinar on This Issue This Wednesday

SILVER SPRING, MD – November 12, 2012 – Now that Americans have cast their ballots for control of the White House and the U.S. Congress, how will the results of this year’s national election affect the sports and fitness industry?  That ‘big picture’ question will be answered on Wednesday, November 14 during a webinar hosted by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (4:00 pm – Eastern).  Registration to this webinar is FREE to current SFIA members. Non-members can attend the event for $99.00.  To register, click here.

During the hour-long presentation, SFIA President/CEO Tom Cove and SFIA Vice President of Government Relations Bill Sells will provide their take on this issue.  There are a number of questions which people in the sports and fitness industry have which Cove and Sells will address.    

Those questions include:  Will the next four years bring more regulations?  Will healthcare be revisited?  What changes in tax policy can we expect?  How will the U.S. deal with the issue of online sales of counterfeit merchandise?  What can be done to better protect intellectual property rights?  

The President and Congress will determine how the U.S. moves on all these issues.  During the webinar, SFIA will reveal the answers and discuss other key concerns, as well.

“While the Electoral College victory for President Obama was significant, the 50% to 48% breakdown in the popular vote delivers a clear message that the President’s victory was not a ‘voter mandate’ for his policies,” said Cove.  “Not surprisingly, Congress is divided again.  There were small Democratic gains in both chambers of Congress.  The Democrats expanded their control of Senate 55 to 45, while the GOP’s control of the House of Representatives has been reduced to 236 to 199.”

One of the many topics which Sells will tackle will be the issue of what it will take to lower the national debt and the compromises that the Democrats and Republicans must make in order to decrease the federal deficit. 

“Frankly, everything is on the table when it comes to dealing with the federal deficit,” said Sells.  “Will both parties be able to reach across the aisle for the best interests of the people they represent?  For the benefit of the country, they must.”

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