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Avoiding a Nightmare: How a Few Words Could Create or Avoid a Catastrophe for Your Company

Date: 2/5/13

“Avoiding a Nightmare” will be one of the most important sessions ever presented at the 2013 Litigation and Risk Management Summit.  Every sporting goods or fitness company that makes distributes or sells a product should attend this session.  This industry is in a time of unparalleled regulation, investigation, enforcement and litigation that affects every member of the industry. Brain Pad, Cybex, and Hillerich & Bradsby all have had different experiences that have cost the companies millions of dollars in attorney’s fees - the result of a warning, a descriptive word or a promise in their advertising or marketing.  

Brain Pad touted the capabilities of its mouth guards.  Cybex allegedly failed to put a warning on its exercise machines. Hillerich & Bradsby did not have warnings on its bats advising of the risk of being hit by a batted ball.  These situations resulted in considerable amounts of resource and cash expenditures.  Come hear the rationale for how these pre-production decisions were made, how each company dealt with the perils of an FTC investigation and litigation, and whether these experiences now drive future product design.
Raina Shah of Applied Safety and Ergonomics, our sponsor for this panel, will discuss what to consider before creating product literature and on-product warnings.  
In addition, we look forward to hearing from Joe Manzo of Brain Pad, Inc., Pete Sturmfels of Cybex, and Steve Lyverse of Hillerich & Bradsby Co. on this timely subject and appreciate their willingness to share their experiences with us.
We hope you’ll join us in April for this very timely discussion!
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