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SFIA Pulse Report: Consumer Confidence Continues to Rise as Increased Participation Anticipated

Date: 2/12/13

SILVER SPRING, MD – February 12, 2013 – Consumer confidence within the sports and fitness industry continues to rise as more consumers plan to participate in physical activity according to the latest SFIA Q4 Pulse Report. The SFIA Pulse Report is a quarterly report that reveals the most current Sports & Fitness Confidence Index (SFCI), a combination of both consumer confidence and industry confidence.

Data from the recently released report reveals that consumer confidence in the sports and fitness industry has risen for the fifth straight quarter. With the future participation index rising to its highest mark since the launch of the Sports & Fitness Confidence Index (SFCI), consumers are planning to spend more in the coming months.
“The first few months of 2013 will be a strong indicator of things to come once we determine if consumers actually follow through with their stated intent to spend on equipment and increase their sports and fitness activity levels,” said VJ Mayor, SFIA Director of Marketing and Communications. 
Other key findings within the SFIA Q4 Pulse Report reflect a significant decrease in the Industry Confidence Index from its traditionally very high confidence levels. However, the footwear category remained strong and planned spending for the three categories (apparel, footwear, equipment) tracked are at their highest levels since the study began five quarters ago.
“Although the overall SFCI is down due to a drop in the Industry Confidence Index, we remain optimistic due to the upward trend in the Consumer Confidence Index caused by a planned increase in spending and participation,” added Mayor. “Government policy to address the debt ceiling and sequester obligations remains an unpredictable, but significant influence on both consumer and industry indices. As we continue to build on the five quarters we currently have tracked, the SFCI data will only become increasingly more useful and valuable to the industry,” said Mayor.
The SFIA Q4 Pulse Report can be found at sfia.org/reports/298.

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