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LRMS Session Alert: "Making the Best Decisions in a Recall Crisis: A Mock Recall Exercise"

Date: 2/19/13

“Making the Best Decisions in a Recall Crisis: A Mock Recall Exercise” is an interactive session led by industry leader, Stericycle® Expert Recall™ and its team of recall experts including Dave Schmeltzer, formerly with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, that is a must for any company manufacturing, distributing or selling a consumer product in the US today.  This session analyzes the decision making process prior to, and during, a recall event and educates the audience on how to make the best decision possible in the midst of a crisis. While there may not always be a wrong choice, there are strategies to navigate making the better choice. 

This session will address the most fundamental questions facing a company in a recall situation:  what are the issues and data points  that need to addressed before a recall is launched?  Who needs to be involved in the process from the internal standpoint?  What are the specific regulatory requirements, timelines and pitfalls that every company must be aware of?  How can the company ensure compliance with the regulations and also ensure that the recall is as effective as possible.  
Summit members will work together to answer these tough questions.  Following a brief panel presentation and discussion, the audience will engage and discuss how to define the recall situation, understand how the decision to recall is made, construct components of the recall plan, define the documentation process and will then break into groups for a role-play mock recall scenario and practice the decision making techniques  to demonstrate the effectiveness of the plan.  
By being prepared and understanding regulatory requirements and expectations, the ultimate financial and legal risks, as well as impact to the brand and consumers, will be minimized.  At the end of the session, with the invaluable guidance of the team from Stericycle® Expert Recall™ and our panel of legal experts, you and, your business will be ready for the unfortunate day the CPSC comes knocking at your door harking “recall”!
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