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Cramer Products...along with athletic training and sports medicine...celebrates 95 years

Date: 3/25/13

(Gardner, Kan.) -- Cramer Products celebrates its 95th anniversary this year...and that means the field of sports medicine and the profession of athletic training were born 95 years ago as well.

“Chuck and Frank Cramer demonstrated extraordinary determination and creativity when they started the Cramer Chemical Company in Gardner, Kan., in the year 1918,” says Tom Rogge, Cramer’s president and chief executive officer. “It would be remarkable enough if these brothers had just started a successful, enduring company. But they secured their place in history by conceiving of the field of sports medicine and the profession of athletic training as well.” 

So what would Chuck and Frank think about Cramer and the profession of athletic training today?

“The Cramer brothers were very forward thinking and open-minded businessmen,” says Rogge, “and they were always in favor of changes and improvements that contributed to the health and safety of athletes. We’re certain they would be delighted with our 2008 acquisition of Active Ankle, and our 2011 acquisition of Stromgren Athletics. We think they’d love the cool vibe of our new RigidLite line of athletic training kits. And they’d undoubtedly approve of the fact that Cramer’s renowned tape and underwrap can be purchased in bright colors and animal prints!”

Rogge believes the Cramers would also embrace the way that athletic training has evolved as a profession. He notes, “College athletic training programs continue to expand their offerings and revise curricula, ensuring that new graduates can excel in their first jobs. Chuck and Frank were huge proponents of athletic training education, so the high quality of education would please them very much.


“Professionalism was a top priority for them as well,” Rogge continues. “That’s why I know they’d be very pleased that athletic training has evolved into a diverse healthcare career with many areas of specialty including the arts, military, corporate and industrial, and even medical research. And of course, the profession is considered crucial to the success of athletes in every sport.


Chuck and Frank Cramer were visionaries who left their mark in the most enduring ways. “Frank was instrumental in founding the National Association for Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA),” Rogge says, “and both brothers helped launch the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA)--in fact, Chuck served as the NATA’s first ‘executive secretary’ from 1950-1954. I am certain they would be glad to know that Cramer is still very involved with the NAIA as Official Sports Medicine Supplier and sponsor of their Athletic Trainer of the Year awards, and that we present an annual Frank Cramer Award. And I know they’d applaud our roles as Cornerstone Sponsor and Official Supplier for the NATA.”


Rogge states, “It is an honor to carry on the legacy started by the Cramer brothers 95 years ago. We’re grateful for our many loyal customers around the world who depend on us for reliable athletic training products—both tried-and-true standards and new offerings that sometimes challenge the status quo. We listen to everything our customers tell us, and they have helped us reach this exciting milestone.”


For more information about Cramer Products Inc., visit www.cramersportsmed.com.




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