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Forceout Official Press Release

Date: 4/8/13

Forceout, A Game Changer in Hand Protection for Baseball and Softball Players

Racine, Wisconsin – March 15, 2013 – With the ever-important emphasis on player protection in sports today, Forceout is primed to join the movement with hand protection for baseball and softball players across the globe.

Lee and Jason Jaramillo have invented a glove that not only protects the player’s hand while catching a baseball or softball but also allows them to feel their mitt without restriction.

“Most inner gloves now and in the past have attempted to only protect the player’s hand from ball to glove impact,” says Lee Jaramillo, “players today not only want and need that protection but they also want to feel as if they don’t have a glove on at all”.

Part of what makes the Forceout glove such a game changer is that it was created and designed by former and current professional baseball players. Lee and brother Jason know exactly what players experience on the field today.

“As a professional baseball player,” says Jason Jaramillo, a catcher for the Houston Astros organization, “I don’t want to be restricted by extra materials on my hand while I’m catching but at the same time I want a certain level of protection that the Forceout provides. We feel we have delivered a product that will give us credibility.”

After researching other products on the market, Lee, a former professional baseball player, knew there was a better way to design the optimal glove for today’s players.

“I found that there were studies done on ball to glove impact --- true afflictions to the hand over time,” says Lee, “But I was also cognizant that players, including myself, hated wearing what was already out on the market. The gloves were either too bulky, designed poorly or didn’t provide the protection we needed. So we designed our own and so far it’s been well received by not only Jason but other big leaguers”.

Forceout is committed to protecting baseball and softball players at every level and at every position. The Jaramillo brothers see the benefit of having played as a strong asset to building a reputable and credible business in the sporting goods industry.


Lee Jaramillo

(262) 308-4925

5226 Clover Lane

Racine, Wisconsin 53406




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