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Field Hockey Rules Changes for Upcoming Season

Date: 1/21/07

Revisions to 14 rules were approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Field Hockey Rules Committee at its January 19-21 meeting in Indianapolis and will be effective with the 2007-08 season unless noted otherwise.

Major Changes:

  • Rule 1-6-4, stating that players' bows cannot exceed 25 millimeters and weigh more than 23 ounces, will not be enforced until January 1, 2009. The revised rule also requires the stick to be visibly and permanently labeled.
  • As a follow-up to the requirement approved last year for field players to wear tooth protectors that are colored, not white or clear, Rule 1-7-1h was revised to require all goalkeepers to wear colored tooth protectors, which may be attached to the face mask or helmet.
  • A revision to Rule 1-6-6 states that all braces, casts and splints shall be padded with at least one-half inch of all closed-cell, slow-recovery rubber or similar materials. No metal should be exposed with these features.
  • Successive time-outs will not be allowed by a single team, and a time-out will be granted after a goal has been scored by either team (Rule 4-2-3).
  • Penalty corners will only be played out at the end of the first half and the end of the game when the possibility that the result of the game would be in question (Rule 10-1-11).
  • Diagram 1-2-1e - The field hockey field diagram was updated to indicate that the broken line that is marked five yards from the end circle should have lines that are one- foot long with gaps between the solid nine-feet long sections.
  • Rule 4-1-3a - If the game is interrupted in the first half of play, the game shall resume at the point of interruption.
  • Rule 4-2-2c - The clock shall not be stopped for a penalty corner on the opposite end of the field.
  • Rule 5-2-1a VI-A-6 - In taking a bully, players must be facing their opponents, back parallel to the sideline with their left shoulder toward their attacking goal and feet parallel.
  • Rule 8-1-1o - Deliberately removing required equipment or wearing/using illegal equipment is now ruled a misconduct.
  • Rule 10 PEN - A violation due to illegal movement by the defense before the ball is struck, the penalty corner shall be retaken. The advantage rule no longer applies in this situation.
  • Rule 12-1-2 PEN - A second offense by the same team will result in a yellow card and will be recorded in the scorebook. The game will restart with a more punitive penalty.
  • SIG - The new official signal for the raised ball will be arms extended in front of the body approximately 18 inches apart with the palms held horizontally facing each other.

For clarification of these rules or questions pertaining to the National Federation please contact Elliot Hopkins at the National Federation, 317-822-5757/ ehopkins@nfhs.org or Gregg Hartley, Vice President of SGMA at 561.427.0663/ ghartley@sgma.com

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