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SFIA Members Convene in Indianapolis for Annual High School and University Rules Meeting

Date: 5/1/13

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – May 1, 2013 – Representatives from the leading sports apparel and equipment companies met in Indianapolis last week for the annual SFIA/NFHS/NCAA Rules Meeting. Over 90 attendees, representing more than 30 companies, met to discuss rules changes for high school and college sports. This is the seventh year the SFIA, National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) have worked together to host the meeting.

“Historically, our industry was always simply reacting to rule changes implemented by the NFHS and the NCAA after the fact. Seven years ago, through the creation of the annual Rules Committee meetings, the sports and fitness product industry and these key sport governing bodies took the first step toward working together to ensure equipment rule changes were smoothly implemented,” said Gregg Hartley, SFIA Sports Standards Liaison.
Held every year in Indianapolis, home to the NFHS and NCAA, the meeting provides SFIA members an opportunity to discuss rules and policies that directly affect their business. The day included a committee breakout session by sport, where attendees could get an update on a specific sport where they have a specific business interest.
“The NFHS rules committees’ meetings afford the NFHS an opportunity to take a close look at each sport for which we write rules,” said NFHS Executive Director Bob Gardner. “In addition to making changes that attempt to keep the sport current with trends, the meetings provide scrutiny over ways to minimize risk in participation of our nation’s high school students.  With over 7.5 million young people playing high school sports, we take that charge seriously.” 
The co-hosted event between the three organizations has led to increased communication and a strengthened relationship between the sports and fitness product industry, NFHS and NCAA.
“The NCAA appreciates the opportunity to communicate our playing rules process and hear feedback from the Sport Fitness Industry Association at this annual event,” said Ty Halpin, Associate Director of Playing Rules Administration for the NCAA. “It provides our staff with a deeper understanding of the industry and provides valuable relationship building.” 
“This important meeting now has more than 90 participants. That is a testament to the cooperative efforts of the SFIA, the NFHS and the NCAA,” concluded Hartley.

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