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Grassroots Influencers Welcome To Join PHIT America Alliance As ĎAmbassadorsí

Date: 5/29/13

New Alliance Category Is Open to Golf & Tennis Professionals, Fitness & Athletic Trainers, Coaches, P.E. Teachers, Parks & Rec Administrators, Individual Sports/Fitness Retailers, and Reps

SILVER SPRING, MD – May 20, 2013 -- A new group of Alliance supporters has emerged out of the PHIT America campaign and they are called Ambassadors. 
“Ever since our first News Flash article, we have been approached by grassroots influencers, coaches, professional athletes and many P.E. teachers asking us how they can help support PHIT America,” said Jim Baugh, founder of PHIT America. “So, we decided to add a new Alliance category, which we call Ambassadors, to help promote our cause along with the 130 PHIT America corporate sponsors.” 
Who is eligible to become a PHIT America Ambassador? Teaching professionals, fitness instructors, coaches, sales reps, athletic trainers, P.E. teachers, school teachers, individual sports & fitness retailers, parks & recreation department administrators or any individual who wants to help spread the word about PHIT America and the regular news articles. 
“Having a number of local Ambassadors throughout the country will really help expand the reach of PHIT America at the grassroots level,” said Mike May, marketing consultant with PHIT America.  “We need individuals from all walks of life within the sports, health, and fitness industry to become Ambassadors of PHIT America.”
“Throughout my whole career in the sports industry, I realized how important local influencers are to this industry. And, with PHIT America, we are doing the same thing. We want people who believe in our mission and goals to be part of our team and help deliver our message to their contacts,” said Baugh, former president of Wilson Sporting Goods, a member of the board of directors of the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, and a member of the Sporting Goods Industry’s Hall of Fame.
What does a PHIT America Ambassador have to do? It is easy. Ambassadors will receive PHIT America News Flashes and are asked to forward them to their contacts via email, Facebook, Twitter or any other efficient way. If an Ambassador has a Twitter or Facebook account, they are asked to ‘follow’ or ‘like’ PHIT America.
Are there any benefits to be an Ambassador of PHIT America? Yes. All Ambassadors are listed on www.PHITAmerica.org with their professional affiliation and a link to a website of their choice. Most importantly, Ambassadors will be part of A Movement for a Fit & Healthy America. 
“We must work together to help solve the obesity crisis. And, more and more Americans are becoming totally sedentary,” commented Baugh.  “Our industry has a great gift to give to Americans, namely sports and fitness as a way of life. America really needs our help. PHIT America’s outreach and programs will help get Americans more active, fit, and healthy.”
Interested individuals can become an Ambassador by emailing Ambassador@PHITAmerica.org. Please send PHIT America your name, email address, professional affiliation(s) and a URL you would like to have linked from your listing on PHITAmerica.org. Once acknowledged, you will start to receive PHIT America News Flashes, articles and other materials to support the cause and campaign. 

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