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Date: 10/16/13

(Gardner, Kan.) -- Cramer Products, an industry leader in the manufacturing and marketing of sports medicine and physical education products, is expanding its offerings to include apparel—a first in the company’s 95-year history.

Effective with the fall 2014 football season, Cramer will offer protective football apparel including girdles, shirts, jerseys and pants that are produced by Stromgren Athletics, a company Cramer acquired in 2011. These protective garments previously carried the Stromgren label, but the line will now feature labels with the Cramer name and logo.

“Stromgren is an industry leader in athletic compression and protective apparel,” says Tom Rogge, Cramer’s president and chief executive officer, “and our companies use the same marketing channels. After acquiring Stromgren two years ago, we began evaluating opportunities to integrate our organizations. Our first step is rebranding the line of Stromgren protective football apparel and adding it to our extensive line of products for athletes, athletic trainers, and coaches. ”

“Everyone involved with athletics knows the Cramer name,” says Steve Arensdorf, Stromgren’s chief operating officer. “The change in branding is a positive move that creates opportunities for growth through brand extension. The network of Cramer sales representatives can now offer a full range of items for athletic trainers, athletes, and coaches, and retail visibility for our apparel will grow significantly with a Cramer label.”

The line bearing the Cramer name will “lead the way” in high-quality protective and compression football apparel, Arensdorf continues. “Some items in the line have been redesigned with input from coaches, incorporating a new ‘spiderweb’ pad system that’s extremely protective and exceeds all industry requirements. The Cramer protective apparel line of girdles, shirts, jerseys and pants includes three styles of seven-pad girdles and a shirt with built-in clavicle pads.”

“Steve has been with Stromgren since that company was founded in 1979,” says Rogge, “and he is a definitive expert in protective and compression garments for athletes. We’ll continue depending on Steve and his talented staff to design and manufacture outstanding apparel that helps athletes stay safe and avoid injuries. After introducing our football apparel, we’ll continue with garments for other sports.  Cramer marks its 95th anniversary this year, and seeing the Cramer name and logo on athletic apparel is a milestone that’s exciting for all involved.”


Cramer Products an industry leader in the manufacturing and marketing of sports medicine and physical education products, was founded in 1918. The company is based in Gardner, Kan. More information about Cramer Products can be found at www.cramersportsmed.com.

Stromgren Athletics, founded in 1979, is an industry innovator in athletic compression and protective apparel products. The company is based in Hayes, Kan. More information about Stromgren Athletics can be found at www.stromgren.com. 


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