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Date: 10/17/13



The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) together with major manufactur¬ers and brands have identified the importance around the future of manufacturing and its impli¬cations on business processes, people, the environment and society as an important subject for the entire sporting goods industry’s future activity.

To acquire the necessary insight in this complex subject the WFSGI exchanged thoughts and point of views with leading academics and experts in the field of “future manufacturing”.

In order to make this expertise available to the broader industry, the WFSGI organises a new WFSGI Manufacturers Forum titled– «The Future of Manufacturing» in Taipei, Taiwan on December 2 & 3, 2013. This event builds the basis for further activities coordinated under the umbrella of the WFSGI focusing on «The Future of Manufacturing» for apparel, equipment and footwear manufacturers. «Together with other expert lead speakers we are very excited to welcome three eminent authori¬ties in the field of product manufacturing and engineering, innovative manufacturing in industrial sustainability and in political and macro-economic perspectives», says Robbert de Kock, Secretary General of the WFSGI.

Prof. Aleksandar Subic is Dean of Engineering and Head of School, Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at RMIT University in Melbourne. He is an expert in the field of product manufacturing and engineering. Although his background is in the Automotive and Aeronautics in¬dustries, he is fully immersed in the sporting goods manufacturing and has worked with several sport brands. He will talk about the new wave of thinking emerging in the sporting goods industry around sustainable design and manufacturing. «Significant changes are being considered in regard to how sports products are designed and manufactured, involving higher level of automation, high¬er level of utilisation of digital manufacturing technologies coupled with customisation, and higher level of integration across the key processes and the supply chain», conveys Subic.

Prof. Steve Evans serves as the Director of the new EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Industrial Sustainability as well as the Director of the Centre for Industrial Sustainability at the Cam¬bridge University Institute for Manufacturing (IfM). He has a long track record in both academia and business in the fields of systems engineering, manufacturing and sustainability involving different sectors such as the automotive industry, urban redevelopment and food. «My speech will offer a unique combination of academic insight and expertise, practical experience and entrepreneurial drive. Derived from research conducted for other sectors, the greatest trends, most challenging problems, promising opportunities and solutions around modern manufacturing will be presented. The focus will lie on the trends coming from a sustainability angle while keeping an international approach.”

Dr. Haico Ebbers is Professor of International Economics at Nyenrode Business University, The Neth¬erlands. He works in the Centre for International Business and Diplomacy. Ebbers will talk about political and macro-economic perspective on the economic changes and developments in Asia. Spe¬cial attention will be paid to the impact this development has on the company level. How do fundamental shifts in the manufacturing sector affect production efficiency, productivity, low-cost strategies and innovation?», will be one question raised and answered by Ebbers.

Brands and Manufacturers will also present their views on future development and needs, examples from other industries as the car industry for example, be presented and experiences shared.

The registration for this event will start as of today. Costs are at CHF 600.-/person and registration can be made at www.wfsgi.org/events-cal/the-future-of-manufacturing/registration

For detailed information and updates on the event, including draft agenda, speakers abstracts, event summary and programme, please click here.

The WFSGI would like to express its sincere gratitude towards the following institutions and persons for their support in organising the event:

  • Chinese National Federation of Industries (CNFI)
  • Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (TSMA)
  • Taiwan External Trade Development Council (Taitra)
  • George Wood, WFSGI Board Representative for Taiwan
  • Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA)

About the WFSGI:
Global solutions through international teamwork – The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) was founded in 1978 and is the world authoritative body for the sports industry officially recognized by the IOC as the industry representative within the Olympic family. The WFSGI is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental association formed by sports brands, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, national federations and other sporting goods industry related businesses. The WFSGI plays a strategic role in the support and promotion of the sporting goods industry worldwide. The WFSGI promotes free and fair trade and provides platforms for the intergovernmental cooperation with regards to the International Organizations interested or af¬fected by sports. Its aim is also to expand the cooperation on the protection of intellectual property rights and improve human rights issues related to working conditions. All this can be done through contacts with International Organizations such as the ILO, WTO, WHO, UN but also through International Sports Federations (FIFA, IAAF, FIVB, etc.) and the IOC, via the exchange of infor¬mation and clearing house on issues and topics developed by WFSGI’s various committees.

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