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Heroic Consumer Wrongfully Injured By Mislabeled Product? Or Goldbricking Plantiff Represented By A Viper CA Plantiff's Lawyer?

Date: 1/31/14

You Be The Jury!

The 2014 SFIA Litigation & Risk Management Summit kicks off with trial Holly Holistic v Acme Fitness Products.  Several of the SFIA Legal Task Force’s lawyers and some well-known experts from SFIA Corporate Partners Exponent and Stericycle will stage this real life trial on Monday afternoon, April 7th at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix Arizona. It is day one of a 1.5 day Summit covering everything from children’s sports injuries to the CPSC and the FTC.

The trial will explore ways that you can protect yourself from being “tarred” with the Prop 65 brush and how to bring that Chinese manufacturer in to help your defense. The plaintiff claims to have contracted cancer from using fitness equipment treated with flame retardants. California claims these are “known carcinogens” and requires a Prop 65 label on them. Open and shut case for the Plaintiff Holly Holistic? “Not so fast” say Acme’s lawyers!

You get to watch and maybe even participate as a juror. And the experience won’t raise your insurance rates! 

Professionals from the fitness, team sports, recreation, apparel and equipment industries attend the SFIA Litigation & Risk Management Summit to gain guidance and learn of ways to navigate through the changing landscape of legal risk and regulatory threats. Join the SFIA Legal Task Force and fellow legal experts in 2014 to network, stay abreast of the latest legal developments, become aware of future challenges, and get practical solutions to your pressing legal problems while earning Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits.  

Click here to join SFIA and your peers for an insightful presentation that will be led by Ed Hochuli at this year's SFIA Litigation & Risk Management Summit in Phoenix, AZ on April 7-8.


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