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SFIA's Litigation & Risk Management Summit Creates New "More Intimate" Programing

Date: 11/19/14

The SFIA Litigation & Risk Management Summit has developed a new program for Monday afternoon, February 2, 2015 which will enable participants to meet in small groups and discuss issues face to face.  With each discussion group led by two or three knowledgeable experts, attendees can discuss important issues such as Recalls, Intellectual Property hot issues, and spoliation of evidence and record keeping. Several  groups will be available so that attendees can participate in more than one breakout.

One of the breakouts, entitled “Helmets and Traumatic Brain Injuries” will be led by SFIA Legal Task Force Chair Mark Granger, LTF Member Gary Wolensky and Bauer Performance Sport Risk Management and Compliance Director Larry Weber. These experts will lend their courtroom, regulatory and manufacturing expertise to this session which will cover today’s headlines and tomorrow’s issues. 

If you want to be on the cutting edge on helmet testing, standards and design or want to anticipate the regulator’s next moves, attend this breakout. We hope to produce more light with less heat than the press or the politicians. It will be a reasoned discussion that you don’t have to wear a helmet to.

Please visit www.sfia.org/lrms for more details and to register.

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