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California Regulatory Update at SFIA's 2015 Litigation & Risk Management Summit

Date: 1/5/15

If doing business in California was not already difficult enough, California’s Safer Consumer Products regulation makes certain that the cost of doing business in California will unquestionably rise. Designed to reduce manufacturers' use of chemicals that pose a potential threat to public health or the environment, the landmark regulation brings an entirely new level of scrutiny to a wide range of consumer products sold or used in the state of California, vesting the California Department of Toxic Substances Control with the authority to impose labeling, record keeping, and/or reformulation requirements on the products’ manufacturer or retailer, and in extreme cases, to impose restrictions or prohibitions on the sale of that product in California. As one-in-eight consumer products in the U.S. is sold in California, manufacturers and retailers of consumer products will be directly impacted by the regulation and have no choice but to pay close attention to this regulatory regime. 

Join us at the 2015 Litigation and Risk Management Summit where a panel of industry experts will discuss the issues raised by this emerging regulation and will provide strategies to assist businesses in minimizing the impact and inevitable cost of compliance.

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