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HumanX by Harbinger signs on as 2015/16 Lurong Living Challenge Series Sponsor

Date: 4/23/15


Combining nutrition, fitness, and accountability, the Lurong Living Challenge Series helps athletes increase performance, get results, and stay motivated


FAIRFIELD, CALIF. (For Immediate Release) – HumanX by Harbinger, a specialized line of fitness gear for functional training, is proud to sponsor the 2015/16 Lurong Living Challenge Series, a three-part motivational promotion to help athletes stay focused and achieve fitness goals.


Comprised of three separate events including the Summertime Challenge (May 2015), the Championship Challenge (September 2015), and the Resolution Challenge (January 2016), the Lurong Living Challenge Series combines nutrition, fitness, and accountability to help participants achieve their fitness goals. Each Challenge spans five weeks with categories for all ability levels from elite athletes to workout newbies.


“HumanX training gear makes workouts better by helping athletes train harder, heavier, and longer while staying focused on attaining their fitness goals,” said Chanin Cook, Director of Marketing with Harbinger. “Sponsoring the Lurong Living Challenge Series is a great way for us to support the daily workout routines of athletes across the country.”


HumanX will contribute gear prize packages for all three challenges with a total retail value of over $30,000. Prizes will be awarded to affiliate boxes and individuals who achieve top results at the end of each of the three challenges.


Throughout the Challenge, participants will track diet and workouts while trying new recipes, learning more effective workout techniques, and interacting with a community of fellow participants. The online format of the Challenge allows for competition against friends and the entire nation. Participants compete as individuals and as affiliate team members.


Each Challenge is broken down into three Phases: Benchmark Testing (1st week), Transformation Phase (middle three weeks), and Benchmark Retesting. During the Benchmark Testing phases participants will perform one benchmark workout with three standardized skill levels. Body measurements - including weight - will be taken. During each week of the Transformation phase participants will be challenged with surprise Challenge WODs designed to test skills and practice key movement combinations.


HumanX by Harbinger gear enables athletes to get the most out of their workouts. A complete line of gloves, training aids, and other workout tools will help athletes go longer and lift heavier to achieve their individual fitness goals.


For more information and to register, please visit Lurong Living at http://challengeseries.lurongliving.com/summertime15/.


About HumanX by Harbinger

HumanX by Harbinger is a line of high performance gear from Harbinger, the fitness company known as the “go to” brand for weightlifting and conditioning gear for over 25 years. HumanX products meet the demand for functional training tools in today's evolved fitness market, with a focus on high intensity, multi-discipline programming.


The HumanX product line includes Speed Ropes, Kettlebell Arm Guards, Red Line Wrist Wraps, 20# Weight Vest, Gloves, GRIPS, AbX and Foam Core Belts.  HumanX gear is found in gyms and sporting goods retailers worldwide.  For more information, visit www.humanxgear.com.




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