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Empower Launches ‘NiteBright’, an Innovative Line of Safety Apparel and Accessories

Date: 8/26/15




Laura Rivera

Fitness EM

lrivera@fitnessem.com | 800-704-5561


Empower Launches ‘NiteBright’, an Innovative Line of Safety Apparel and Accessories

Uxbridge, MA - Empower a leader in providing fitness products and programming for women, has introduced the NiteBright collection. This innovative, lifestyle collection blends fashion and technology to offer contemporary safety gear to the millions of women that walk or run in low-light hours. The collection, available October 2015, consists of 15 day-to-night fashion pieces in unique prints and colors, as well as safety gear essentials.

“When developing the NiteBright collection, our sole focus was creating products that addressed her wants and needs. The fit and the style were just as important as ensuring the retro-reflective technology worked flawlessly.” Said President, Donna Savage.

NiteBright’s beautifully patterned fabric items look fashionable by day and can provide up to 450 feet of visibility at night by utilizing retro-reflective technology—microscopic prismatic glass beads that return a cone of light to the source of the illumination. 

NiteBright is yet another example of Empower’s innovation in the women’s fitness space. Providing women with fashionable, well-fitted safety gear, NiteBright stands apart from traditional, utilitarian safety offerings.


About Empower:

Empower is a leading fitness and healthy living brand that educates, motivates, entertains, and inspires women to be their best in our increasingly demanding world. Empower pairs a simple, fun and effective approach to fitness with credible and user-friendly information, tools and support to help her continually move in the direction of her best self.

Empower is a registered trademark of Fitness EM. Fitness EM designs, engineers, markets, and distributes personal training and wellness products exclusively for women. Holding multiple patents in an innovative line of over 150 products, Fitness EM is a leader and innovator of fitness and wellness products and services for women.


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