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SFIA Unveils Webpage Featuring Models Meeting New SFIA Football Glove & Hand Pad Specification

Date: 2/17/16

February 17, 2016 – Silver Spring, MD – Today the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) unveiled a new web page (www.sfia.org/footballgloves) featuring all football glove models that meet the new SFIA Football Glove & Hand Pad Specification. The specification, announced last year, meets the performance standards for football gloves established by the National Federation of State High School Association (NFHS), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and a number of youth leagues.

“The SFIA Football Glove Specification is important for all people involved with the game” said Gregg Hartley, Director, SFIA Football Council. “It assures a level playing field for all participants, while allowing the manufacturers to continue self-certification of football glove products, as with other products which have NCAA or NFHS performance specifications.”

The SFIA developed this program and its protocol by working with equipment manufacturers and sports governing bodies. The program and protocol allows manufacturers to maintain self-certification of football gloves and hand pads. All product certifications will be verified by the independent third party test lab, Exponent. Exponent, is a certified ISO 9001 firm with over 90 scientific and engineering disciplines.

Companies featuring models of gloves that currently meet the SFIA Football Glove & Hand Pad Specifications include: adidas, Battle, Big Game USA, Champion, Cutters, Grip Boost, Neumann, Nike, Russell Athletic, Skoolz Skinz, Under Armour and Wilson.

“The change to the SFIA initiative was vital to the Football Glove Specification” commented Saranac President and CEO Dan Small. “Without the transition to the SFIA specifications the category as a whole could have experienced supply chain delays, unnecessary infrastructural additions, mandated usage and all but certain cost increases to the consumer.”

For questions concerning the SFIA Football Glove & Hand Pad Specification or to participate in the program, please contact Gregg Hartley at hartleyassociated@icloud.com or 561-543-7789.

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