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Tracking the Fitness Movement Report Shows Fitness Industry Growth

Date: 10/31/16

Activity Participation Levels Increase, Consumers Embrace Fitness Technology

Silver Spring, MD, October 31, 2016 – Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA)’s annual “Tracking the Fitness Movement” report shows an increase in popularity of new and old fitness activities due to willingness to embrace a variety of fitness options.

Most fitness activities remained steady, while Barre (12%) and Swimming for Fitness (4%) each saw significant participation growth in 2015. “Connectedness” – or a “Quantified Self” – continue to be an attractive component of the fitness lifestyle. Costumers are more open to trying and paying for fitness products that adapt new technology to existing products.

“Americans are choosing to participate in a wide variety of fitness activities,” said Tom Cove, SFIA President & CEO. “As the dominant category in sports participation, fitness provides an appealing option to every demographic group we track.”

The Inactivity Pandemic continues to be a major concern. In 2015 72.3% of Americans were active, but 27.7% remained inactive. Compared to previous year’s report, overall inactivity saw a slight decrease to 81.6 million people.

The Tracking the Fitness Movement report includes a deep dive analysis of overall activity trends and preferred aspiration for the following groups: Active, Inactive, Formerly Active and Newly Active; and extensive demographic profiles of specific activities (gender, income, ethnicity).

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