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SFIA Presents the 2017 CES Sports Tech Conference

Date: 1/9/17

LAS VEGAS - January 9, 2017 – The Sports Tech Conference presented by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) brought together top athletes and sporting goods executives to highlight and discuss innovations around the industry’s landscape.

“The 2017 Sports Tech Conference showcases the dynamic intersection of sports & technology, and as a leader in the space, SFIA has seen the vast improvements on how technology is shaping the industry.” said John Peters, senior director of sales and membership services of SFIA. “Whether it’s training, tracking or the impact of big data, the future athlete must be aware of the risks and rewards of staying connected.” 

The Sports Tech Conference opened with Olympic Gold Medalist, Nathan Adrian and BMW focusing on how swim technology has advanced from the humble beginnings of the stopwatch to helping Adrian win the gold in Rio de Janeiro.

After the first panel, Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon; Corporate Vice President & Chief Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation, Steve Guggenheimer; and executives from Sports 1 Marketing took the stage to present an interesting discussion on how the sports industry is impacted by the utilization of big data.

“My company [Sports 1 Marketing] wanted to be a part of the Sports Tech Conference because technology in sports has changed so much since my playing days,” said Moon. “The way we process data now has given the athlete of today the tools needed to improve performance but most important of all is that technology is helping make sports safer.”

The final panel of the day included Heikki Norta, the president, of Group Connected Devices and Services, Amer Sports. His presentation featured a hands on display of Wilson Sporting Goods athlete performance tracking football.

The 2017 CES Sports Tech Conference presented by SFIA gives attendees a look at the rapidly evolving intersection of sports and technology. It is the perfect mix of insight, innovation, and real-time feedback from executives and athlete’s that thrive in the world of sports technology.

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