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SFIA Releases New “Innovative Insights” Report

Date: 4/25/17

New Series Will Feature Industry Leaders’ Learnings and Analysis

Silver Spring, MD, April 25, 2017 –  The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) Innovative Insights report, released today, features in-depth analysis of three critical technology trends facing American business.

The inaugural report subtitled, “Made in the USA, 3D Printing, and Manufacturing Products Consumers Love”, focuses on 3D printing’s prevalence in the sports & fitness industry, product localization, speed-to-market, and insights and trends around consumer purchasing and path-to-purchase.   

“In response to the growing role technology plays in all our businesses, SFIA partnered with member companies and advisors to highlight their insights on specific technology-driven trends,” said Tom Cove, SFIA President and CEO. “Change is constant in our world, and innovation is the positive outcome that sustains our industry. This report offers unique insights about the evolving landscape of our business.”

“By providing actionable data and strategic assessments, we’re excited to offer a different type of research report to our members, and increase the membership value of SFIA,” Cove added. “We’re already established as the gold standard in participation research and our hope with this report is to provide our companies business intelligence to that same standard.”

Authors of the report include; James Miceli, principle and founder, Epoch Lacrosse LLC & C6 Composites LLC; Jason Daniel, product engineer, C6 Composites LLC; Aaron Parker, Partner and Kara Specht, Associate, Finnegan; and Paul Kirwin, CEO, Channel Signal.

The SFIA Innovative Insights Report is available for download at www.sfia.org/reports. The report is free of charge to all SFIA members and is available for purchase by other interested parties.

If you’d like to be included or submit content in the future, contact Jennifer McHugh, Director of Thought Leadership, at jlmchugh@sfia.org.

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