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SFIA Releases 2017 Installment of Single Sports & Fitness Participation Reports

Date: 6/15/17

Silver Spring, MD, June 15, 2017 – The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) announces today the release of 87 Single Sports & Fitness Reports for 2017. These reports provide an in-depth analysis and breakdown of participation demographics by specific sport or fitness activity.

“There are multiple factors why sports and fitness participation is trending up in some areas and down in others,” said Tom Cove, president & CEO, SFIA. “The importance of these Single Sport Reports comes from the detailed data within, and from that we assess what trends are helping some activities thrive and what trends are causing other activities to dip.”

Among the most popular reports downloaded in 2016, this year’s batch includes two new merged reports; Free Weights a combination of the Dumbbells and Hand Weights reports, and Elliptical Motion Trainer/Cross-Trainer.

Each report tracks participation as defined by gender, participation frequency, age breakdown, geographic breakout by region, market size area, income, education level, and cross-sport participation. Here are the top 25 reports from 2016, which are now available:

•    Baseball
•    Softball (Fast Pitch)
•    Ice Hockey
•    Basketball
•    Lacrosse
•    Surfing
•    Softball (Slow-Pitch)
•    Running/Jogging
•    Soccer (Outdoor)
•    Skateboarding
•    Yoga
•    Volleyball
•    Bicycling (Road/Paved Surface)
•    Bowling
•    Martial Arts
•    Scuba Diving
•    Pilates
•    Field Hockey
•    Cheerleading
•    Triathlon
•    Bicycling (BMX)
•    Bicycling (Mountain/Non-Paved Surface)
•    Swimming (Fitness)
•    Wakeboarding

Results for the 2017 SFIA Single Sports and Fitness Reports were gathered by Sports Marketing Surveys USA.

To gather this data, Synovate/IPSOS carried out 24,134 online interviews in a nationwide sample of individuals and households. 

All 2017 SFIA Single Sport and Fitness Participation Reports are $99 per report to all current SFIA members and $245 for non-members. More information about these reports can be found by clicking here.

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