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ITC recommends $49.5 Million in Tariff Relief on SFIA Membersí Products

Date: 8/23/17

Congress to vote on Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) in November

Silver Spring, MD, August 23, 2017 – On August 9, 2017, the International Trade Commission (ITC) sent Congress its final recommendations for tariff relief under the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB).  Included in the recommendations were 33 petitions for tariff relief on sports and fitness products.  Each petition was capped at $500,000 in tariff relief per year for $16.5 million in tariff relief annually on Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) members’ products. The MTB is valid for three years after enactment for $49.5 million in total relief on sports and fitness products.

SFIA worked with its members on 40 MTB petitions. Thirty-three of the 40 petitions were recommended for approval by the ITC and seven were not. The petitions not recommended were declined due to domestic opposition. 

Duty relief recommendations:


New Duty Rate
 Product New Duty Rate
Racquetball Rackets Free Golf Club Head – Driver    Free
Racquetballs Free Golf Club Head – Hybrid    Free
Squash Rackets    Free Golf Club Head – Wedge >56 Free
Elliptical Cycles Free Golf Club Head – Wedge <56 0.7%
Batting Gloves (Leather) Free Golf Club Head – Irons (1-7) 2%
Batting Gloves (MMF/Synth) Free Golf Club Head – Irons (8-9) 0.8%
Boxing/MMA Gloves (Leather) Free Golf Club Head – Putter 3.5%
Boxing/MMA Gloves (Plastic) Free Tennis Rackets (Strung)    3.3%
Tetherballs    Free Tennis Racket Frames    1.3%
Exercise & Yoga Matts Free Speed Bags & Related Equip 1.8%
Athletic Mouth Guards    Free Removable Insoles     4.7%
Training Gloves    Free LCD TV for Exercise Equip 4%
Swim Goggles     Free Volleyballs     1%
AC Gens for Exercise Equip. Free Exercise Cycles     4.4%
Boxing/MMA Protective Equip Free Basketballs (Rubber) 3.1%
    Basketballs (Synthetic)     3.5%

“This SFIA-led industry effort will correct a problem in our tariff system and save our members millions
of dollars.” said Bill Sells, Senior Vice President for Government & Public Affairs “Overall, we are pleased
with the outcome and will continue to look for new opportunities to improve the business environment
for the sports and fitness industry.”

Congress will review the ITC recommendations and vote on the MTB package in November.  Congress cannot add products but may remove products from the MTB.  No SFIA member products are expected to be removed from the final package. 

Once Congress approves the MTB it will send it to the President for his signature. The reduced duty rates would go into effect January 1, 2018 and last for three years before needing to be renewed.

For more information on the MTB duty relief please contact Bill Sells at bsells@sfia.org.

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