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PHIT Act a big hit with Congress, gets 100th Co-Sponsor in just 8 months

Date: 11/14/17

PHIT Act a big hit with Congress, gets 100th Co-Sponsor in just 8 months

Congress wants to lower costs to increase activity in America. On November 13th, Congressman (Dr.) Paul Gosar (R-AZ) became the 100th House co-sponsor of The Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act in 2017. The previous high was 89 co-sponsors over 2015-2016. There are twelve co-sponsors of the companion Senate bill. Unlike many issues surrounding healthcare reform, PHIT enjoys strong bi-partisan support from 61 Democrats and 51 Republicans.

Time and money top the list of challenges to active lifestyles. Hard working Americans and their families need help with the cost of activity. PHIT will lower the financial barrier to activity. The rise in sedentary lifestyles has mirrored the rise in healthcare spending, driven by the increase in preventable chronic conditions more common in the inactive population. Congress understands increasing activity will reduce chronic conditions and lower medical costs.  

Research has identified cost as negatively impacting participation especially as income declines. PHIT would make activity more affordable by allowing consumers to use funds in pre-tax health accounts to pay for qualified expenses including youth sports, pay-to-play fees, gym memberships, fitness classes, race registrations, recreational fees and most equipment.

“I am glad that over 100 of my colleagues agree that in order to get kids active and promote healthy lifestyles, we need to remove the cost barrier and make it more affordable to participate in regular physical activities. I strongly believe that with this widespread support we are one step closer to passing the Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act and giving people the incentive to adopt an active lifestyle and motivation to take care of their health,” said Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI).

Congress remains committed to improving the healthcare system and wellness is a key focus of their efforts. Just last week, Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee announced his effort on a set of bi-partisan health care measures, including HSA reforms, to be considered by the end of the year. As the 100th cosponsor indicates, the PHIT Act meets that test.

“We’ve been working for a long time to put the PHIT Act into position to be passed and signed into law. Reaching this milestone of 100 co-sponsors reinforces how close we are to success. “ said Tom Cove, President of the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, “We just need to keep educating our elected officials on how the PHIT Act can get Americans of all ages and incomes more active and healthy. “

SFIA is excited about PHIT’s prospects and looks forward to promoting active lifestyle policies to Congress on March 6-7, 2018 during National Health Through Fitness Day in Washington, D.C.  For more information click here.

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