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Schutt Sports will Market Brain-Pad Mouth Guards

Date: 10/3/08

Having introduced the three best performing football helmets over the past 12 months, Schutt Sports is now adding another weapon to its arsenal of concussion-fighting products. Schutt will soon be marketing the Brain-Pad line of mouth guards - the most advanced mouth guard protection in the world. Brain Pad mouth guards feature patented technology, along with a dual-protection system, surrounding both the upper and lower teeth which, in turns, keeps the lower jaw locked into a position that decreases the likelihood of concussions or TMJ injuries.
"The new mouth guards will be marketed under the Schutt brand, but will feature Brain Pad technology," says Dave Rossi, of Schutt Sports. "This exclusive technology is the most advanced in the game, which is why we were interested in working with them. Our deal is really about combining two tremendous technologies:  Schutt helmets and Brain Pad mouth guards. When you put those together, the result is the most advanced and best performing protective system on the field today."
For Brain Pad, entering into a long term partnership with Schutt was a natural progression for the industry leading brand.  "Our goal is to become the number one protective and performance mouth guard company in the world," said Joe Manzo, President of Brain-Pad, Inc. "With partnerships already established within the mixed martial arts community, the addition of the Schutt Sports partnership makes this goal a reality."
The mouth guard category is a very diverse and highly fragmented market, says Rossi.
"It's not uncommon to see two players on the same field - one wearing a mouth guard that cost less than a dollar and the other using a custom device fitted by a dentist that cost hundreds of dollars. The new Schutt mouth guards will perform better than any of them and cost 10 times less than the custom mouth pieces."
Brain Pad technology, the foundation of the new Schutt mouth guards, got its start over a decade ago and really took off when it became a big player in the mixed martial arts industry.  The benefits of the new technology soon became incontrovertible.
"The Brain Pad technology repositions the lower jaw while protecting both the upper and lower teeth - the first and only mouth guard to do that," says Chris Bolan, of Brain Pad. "The jaw is stabilized into a neutral position that greatly reduces the risk of jaw injuries, TMJ injuries and concussions. Recovery from TMJ injuries is much faster and breathing while clenching is extremely enhanced. Testing done in 1993 and then confirmed in 2005, shows a 40% reduction of impact energy to the base of the skull
In addition to football, Rossi sees plenty of opportunities elsewhere for the new Schutt mouth guards.
"The Schutt brand is very strong in softball, so these new mouth guards will be a natural extension of the brand into that category. Plus, we have the chance to build business in other team sports, like basketball, baseball, lacrosse, hockey and others."
Schutt will be marketing five different models of the new mouth guard, with one created specifically for female athletes along with the new ION mouth guard designed with the  professional athlete in mind.

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