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Catapult Sports and Prevent Biometrics Form Partnership to Integrate Athlete Performance and Safety Data

Date: 5/16/19

Catapult Sports and Prevent Biometrics Form Partnership to Integrate Athlete Performance and Safety Data


Leading technologies to conduct joint trials with elite teams worldwide

BOSTON and MINNEAPOLIS (May 16th, 2019) — Catapult Sports, the global leader in elite sports performance analytics, and Prevent Biometrics, the Cleveland Clinic spinoff that has developed the first accurate, real-time system for monitoring athletic head impacts, today announced a cooperative agreement to test their technologies together across North America, Europe and Australia. The partnership expands joint trials the companies conducted with the University of Colorado football team during spring practice this April.


Under the agreement, Catapult and Prevent will outfit designated elite level teams with Catapult’s flagship ClearSky and OpenField athlete wearable tracking technology and Prevent’s Impact Monitor Mouthguard, looking to evaluate athlete performance and head impact data in an integrated manner. Ultimately, the companies hope to provide teams with the clearest understanding of the total demands they are putting on athletes as a result of a combined data set, so they can emphasize wellness and safety while still putting their athletes in the best position to compete.


"The elite teams we work with globally rely on our wearable data to objectively inform decisions around performance and player well-being, to best ensure that players are available and primed for game day”, said Albert Tsai, Catapult’s Senior Vice President - Global Elite Products. “With head impacts being such a topic of current concern, we believe Prevent, with its ability to accurately quantify head impact exposure, will play a key role in complementing the analysis and decision making that our customers perform daily. A combined Catapult and Prevent dataset extends beyond the obvious benefits of simply knowing a player has received a significant head impact. With this data, teams can leverage the relationship between training, performance and head health to work proactively to reduce exposure to head impacts overall.”


The Catapult and Prevent systems were jointly tested this spring by the University of Colorado football team. Miguel Rueda, Associate Athletic Director and Head of Sports Performance commented: “As a program, we are highly committed to athlete safety and in particular, we want to be proactive around head brain health. The Prevent system gives our staff continuous and thorough head impact data for every athlete. Combining the Prevent and Catapult data sets and workflows holds exciting potential.”


Catapult and Prevent intend to outfit selected elite teams in American Football, Rugby and Aussie Rules Football. The teams were not announced, nor were any financial terms between the companies.


About Catapult Sports

Catapult exists to build and improve the performance of athletes and teams. With precision engineering at the intersection of sports science and analytics, Catapult products are designed to optimise performance, mitigate the risk of injury, and quantify return to play. Since 2006, Catapult has provided sports technology to the world's leading sports organisations. Chelsea FC, Bayern Munich, the New York Giants, Houston Rockets, English Cricket Board, Scottish Rugby Union, Richmond Tigers, and Australia Rugby Union have all benefited from Catapult insights. Catapult has over 340 staff based across 24 locations worldwide, working with over 2500 elite teams from 39 sports in 135 countries globally. Catapult Group International Limited (CAT) is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. For additional information visit CatapultSports.com.


About Prevent Biometrics®  

Prevent Biometrics®, a Cleveland Clinic spinoff, was established in 2015 in Minneapolis. The company has developed the first head impact monitoring technology that accurately measures head impact characteristics in real time. After nearly 10 years of development and validation in laboratory tests, the Prevent system is being introduced to teams, beginning Fall 2019. For additional information visit PreventBiometrics.com.


Media Contact:

David Siguel - Prevent Biometrics

Georgie Lack - Catapult Sports



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