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FitTech Summit by Burda Bootcamp

Date: 5/22/19

FitTech Summit by Burda Bootcamp Burda Bootcamp’s FitTech Summit is Europe's first conference on fitness technology, digital health & lifestyle. FitTech is on the rise and with Burda Bootcamp’s FitTech Summit 2018 it has just begun. The innovation hub takes the next step with FitTech Summit #2, June 4, 2019 in Munich.The Burda Bootcamp again brings promising startups, investors and corporates together to set the agenda for the emerging future industry. 1000+ international participants, 3 stages, 15h of top class content and 50 handpicked startups set a new benchmark. Panels discussing topics from Fitness & Sports, Health & Wellbeing and Active Nutrition. Industry experts sharing insights about the latest trends and industry developments. Innovative founders bringing their exclusive learnings live on stage. Handpicked startups demonstrating their very own innovative view on the future, being challenged in a pitch competition. Investors hunting for the next unicorns disrupting industries and societies. All linked in a stunning location where networking and experiencing is the premise, topped with Burda’s well-known media relations. Still not enough – the exclusive activity stage invites to follow all fitness, health and wellbeing topics actively on the spot. Find more information on the FitTech Summit here: www.fittechsummit.com and on the Burda Bootcamp: www.burdabootcamp.de. FitTech Summit June 4, 2019 beach38° Friedenstr. 22c 81671 München, Germany Tickets: https://www.fittechsummit.com/ticketsutm_source=email&utm_medium=businessangels

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