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The below press releases, and any others released prior to October 2012, you will see references to SGMA throughout it that pre-date our transition from SGMA to SFIA.

Legal Task Force Articles


12/2/15 U.S. CPSC Chairman Elliot F. Kaye to Keynote 2016 SFIA Litigation, Regulatory & Risk Management Summit
7/23/15 Finnegan Podcast Discusses IP Considerations for Sports and Fitness Products
1/6/15 CPSC Commissioner Joseph P. Mohorovic to Keynote SFIA’s Litigation & Risk Management Summit
1/5/15 California Regulatory Update at SFIA's 2015 Litigation & Risk Management Summit


12/10/14 Omni-Channel Retailing to be Explored at SFIA Litigation & Risk Management Summit
12/3/14 2015 SFIA Litigation & Risk Management Summit to Feature "Avoiding Nightmares and Catastrophes" Session
11/19/14 SFIA's Litigation & Risk Management Summit Creates New "More Intimate" Programing
3/25/14 Industry Experts to Discuss Youth Sports Injuries at SFIA Litigation & Risk Management Summit
2/12/14 Mock Trial on Product Liability Issues Added to 2014 SFIA Litigation & Risk Management Summit Agenda
1/31/14 Heroic Consumer Wrongfully Injured By Mislabeled Product? Or Goldbricking Plantiff Represented By A Viper CA Plantiff's Lawyer?
1/29/14 Super Bowl Referee Ed Hochuli to Speak at 2014 Litigation & Risk Management Summit


4/3/13 SFIA’s Litigation & Risk Management Summit Achieves Record Attendance
3/12/13 Female Athletes - Prevention and Protection
2/19/13 LRMS Session Alert: "Making the Best Decisions in a Recall Crisis: A Mock Recall Exercise"
2/5/13 Avoiding a Nightmare: How a Few Words Could Create or Avoid a Catastrophe for Your Company
1/28/13 SFIA Presents 6th Annual Litigation & Risk Management Summit (LRMS)


11/5/12 Doe vs.Tenenbaum: What Every Company Needs to Know
9/18/12 U.S. District Court in OK Reversed Jury Verdict Against a Baseball Bat Manufacturer
9/14/12 New Juror Instructions Aim To Insulate Trials From Tweets And Other Social Media
9/5/12 The Scariest Theory in Product Liability and How to Prepare for It
8/17/12 Social Media and Discovery in Litigation
7/16/12 New York’s Highest Appellate Court to Decide Whether Health Club That Was Obligated to Have an AED Was Also Required to Use It (Miglino v. Bally Total Fitness)
6/27/12 Five Tips on the Proper Selection of Expert Witnesses
6/4/12 Social Media – Balancing Employer and Employee Rights in the Digital Age
5/29/12 How to Make the Most Out of Court Required Mediation
5/22/12 Compliance with Regulations Does Not Shield Manufacturers from Liability
4/16/12 Defending Your Product Like a Pro: Understanding a Lawsuit from the Starting Gun to the Finish Line
3/30/12 What is Keeping You Up at Night? A Candid Discussion With Experience In House Counsel
3/29/12 Want to Find Out What is Keeping Sporting Goods In House Counsel Awake at Night?
3/19/12 Advertising, Warning, & Instructions – How Your Own Words Can Make Or Break You
3/19/12 Will a "Tweak" In Design Result in a "Pop" at Trial?
3/5/12 After the Recall – The Class (Action) Is Now In Session
2/17/12 The New Era in Greener and Safer Products
2/6/12 Two Dynamic Lunch Speakers for the LRMS Summit
2/3/12 Top Five Reasons to Reconsider Arbitration
1/27/12 Update on Recent CPSC Developments
1/24/12 Jury Attitudes & Advocacy Techniques In Sports-Product Litigation
1/22/12 Former NFL Players’ Suit Against the League and Superbowl Season Bring Added Attention to Head Injuries and Helmet Safety
1/22/12 SGMA Legal Summit Explores The Cutting Edge On Head & Body Protection On April 10, 2012 In Las Vegas, NV
1/17/12 CAUTION: Are Product Warnings Required in Languages Other than English?
1/9/12 It’s cool but what is it?
1/3/12 Exercising Caution After The Big Verdict in
1/3/12 Best Practices for Better Emails at Work


12/14/11 Duties Involving The Preservation Of Electronically Stored Information
12/6/11 We Are Being Sued Where?
11/29/11 Finally! A Manufacturer “Complains” Back to CPSC About Its On-Line Database of Consumer Reports
11/29/11 Duties Involving The Preservation Of Electronically Stored Information
11/7/11 Protecting Innovation:Strategies For Reducing The Costs & Improving The Quality Of Your Patents
10/28/11 Crisis Management – Best Practices in the Digital Age
10/19/11 The Wacky Bat Case
10/7/11 The Patent Reform Act Sounds the Death Nell For False Marking Trolls
10/5/11 Legal Ease Returns, Important Information From Your Legal Task Force


2/12/09 Five Ways to Improve Your Company's Bottom Line Through Proactive Intellectual Property Management


11/10/08 US Customs Reopens Comment Period on Change in Country of Origin Rules
10/28/08 Design Patents Stage a Comeback: What It Means for Manufacturers
7/28/08 Importers, Be Sure to Remember Your Surety: Court Ruling Highlights Need to Protect Against Additional Import Costs
5/1/08 Litigating and Trying Cases in “Difficult” Venues
4/15/08 Believe It or Not: The U.S. Attorney and the F.B.I. Can Now Help You Recover Your Client's Misappropriated Confidential Information
4/1/08 US Customs to Importers: Higher Duties Should Apply on Purchases from Distributors
3/15/08 Careful Contracts Reduce Risk
3/1/08 The Sophisticated User Doctrine Changes the Liability Landscape
2/15/08 The Newest Trend in Consumer Litigation: "Made in the U.S.A" Claims
2/1/08 Fifth Circuit Clarifies the Intent Requirements for a Criminal FCPA Conviction
1/15/08 Preparing The Hybrid Expert Witness For Deposition and For Trial
1/1/08 Developing An In-House Expert, A Helpful Tool in Defending Product Liability Claims
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