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The below press releases, and any others released prior to October 2012, you will see references to SGMA throughout it that pre-date our transition from SGMA to SFIA.

New Product Press Releases


10/30/19 SquadLocker Adds Uniforms To Online Stores Just In Time For Hoops Season
10/17/19 SquadLocker Releases 2019 Holiday Gift Guide
7/29/19 SquadLocker Launches Industry’s Fastest Single-Unit Custom Gear & Uniform Delivery


3/9/17 Hyperwear Introduces the new SBGX™: SandBell Group Fitness Program
3/9/17 Hyperwear Introduces the SoftBell™ Adjustable Dumbbell and HyperHIIT SoftBell™ Group Fitness Program


1/19/16 Molten Introduces X-Series Basketballs Featuring Improved Touch and Enhanced Visibility


6/4/15 Harbinger Helps Athletes Lift Longer and Heavier with the New Classic Oiled Leather Weightlifting Belts
4/3/15 Harbinger Introduces New Women’s Training Grip Gloves, Gives Female Strength Trainers A Glove All Their Own
3/20/15 UMD Engineers & Tight End Team Up on "Catchy" New Football Product
2/23/15 HumanX by Harbinger Adds Pink Line Wrist Wraps to Women’s Category


12/15/14 HumanX by Harbinger Introduces NEW Jump & Stretch Rope
3/12/14 Action Wipes Now Available in 10-Sheet Soft Dispenser
2/13/14 X3 Competition Gloves bring SpiderGrip™ to Functional Training market
2/6/14 Brain Sentry Introduces Head Hit Count System
2/6/14 Performance Lacrosse Provides Players with Brain Sentry Impact Sensors
2/6/14 Helmet-Mounted Device Helps ID Players Who Need to be Evaluated for Concussion


8/20/13 Harbinger’s New PowerAmp™ xXx FlexFast™ Cables are next generation in Resistance Training
6/25/13 Harbinger's New Wrist Supports Developed for Traditional Weightlifting and Non-traditional Multidiscipline Workouts
6/14/13 Harbinger Introduces Kettlebell Arm Guards to Avoid Bruising and Extend Training Time
4/8/13 Forceout Official Press Release
3/22/13 Harbinger Announces New HumanX Line of Functional Training Gear


12/11/12 MAYFONK ATHLETIC introduces VERT for Everyone.
9/11/12 OdorBalance® Introduces Groundbreaking Sports Equipment Cleaning Products
8/29/12 Harbinger Expands Line with new Women’s Belt and Red Line Wrist Wraps
7/27/12 Female Specific Singlet the Next Step for Women’s Wrestling


10/18/11 Harbinger Introduces Red Line and Power Knee Wraps in Black
4/25/11 Ashaway Meets Demand for Softer Playing, More Powerful Tennis String with Dynamite® 17 Soft
3/10/11 Ashaway Introduces UltraNick® 17 Squash String With Zyex® Multifilament Core
1/4/11 Ashaway Introduces PowerNick® 19—Thinnest Squash String Ever


11/8/10 EvoShield Makes Custom Protective Gear for Eagles' Michael Vick
9/22/10 Ashaway Introduces Zyex-based UltraKill® 18 Racquetball String
8/5/10 Ashaway Introduces New Dynamite® Soft Line of Zyex-Based Tennis Strings
6/4/10 Rod Carew Baseball Launches with Flagship Product, the GAPHitter
5/20/10 New Ashaway ZyMax® 67 Offers Lowest Tension Loss of Any Badminton String
4/20/10 Ashaway UltraNick® 18 Squash String with Zyex® Multifilament Fibers
3/19/10 Ashaway Introduces Zyex-based UltraKill® 17 Racquetball String
3/5/10 Ashaway Introduces ZyMax® 62, the Lightest Badminton String Ever Made


11/19/09 Pinnacle Sports Triad Titanium Necklaces
10/22/09 Ashaway Introduces ZyMax® 70 for Badminton, the Strongest 0.70 mm String Ever Made
9/24/09 New NatureZone™ Ozone Chamber Kills Deadly Bacteria Found On Mouth Guards and all Oral Appliances!
8/28/09 New Ashaway ZyWeaVe™ Technology Produces Lightest, Strongest Badminton Strings
8/20/09 TriActive America Unveils Accessible Multi-Gyms, Designed for Those with Limited Mobility and Other Special Needs
4/22/09 McDavid Introduces Protective Apparel That Can Save Lives On The Ball Field


12/9/08 Introducing New Oral Appliance Technology that Kills Deadly Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi
12/3/08 Natalie Grainger Says Ashaway AMPS™ 301 Shoes Feel & "Like Slippers"
10/3/08 Schutt Sports will Market Brain-Pad Mouth Guards
8/22/08 Ashaway Adds 512 Model to Line of AMPS Squash Shoes
3/16/08 NEW Pro Ash and Pro Maple
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