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The below press releases, and any others released prior to October 2012, you will see references to SGMA throughout it that pre-date our transition from SGMA to SFIA.



1/12/22 NEWS: New Zealand creates platform for U.S. Sporting Goods Brands
1/7/22 SFIA Elects Jonathan Ram from HanesBrands Inc. As New Chairman of the Board; Three New Board Members Elected, Four Re-elected to Three-Year Terms
1/5/22 NEWS: Imports from China Face New Restrictions Starting June


12/21/21 PRESS RELEASE: SFIA Releases 2021 U.S. Trends in Team Sports Report
12/9/21 NEWS: Congress Pressed to Pass MTB and GSP Tariff Relief, Potentially Saving SFIA Members $100s of Millions
11/8/21 PRESS RELEASE: STARTING TOMORROW: SFIA’s Nov 9-11 Virtual Trends & Insights Event | FREE for Press
11/3/21 PRESS RELEASE: SFIA Releases 2021 Tracking the Fitness Movement Report
11/2/21 PRESS RELEASE: ONE WEEK AWAY: SFIA’s Nov 9-11 Virtual Trends & Insights Event | Speakers Announced
10/15/21 PRESS RELEASE: SFIA Announces New NOCSAE Board Member
10/8/21 NEWS: Tariff Relief Awaits House Action
10/7/21 News: United States Trade Representative says China Tariffs Will Continue With New Exclusion Process
9/24/21 PRESS RELEASE: SFIA Urges President to Direct Vaccines to Vietnam and Other Regional Partners
9/20/21 PRESS RELEASE: CDC Reports States Obesity Rates Saw Major Increase in Last Decade
9/8/21 PRESS RELEASE: SFIA Releases 2021 State of the Industry Report
8/30/21 NEWS: Join SFIA in Requesting Renewal of the Generalized System of Preferences
8/25/21 SFIA Endorses Legislation to Address Ocean Shipping During Pandemic
8/23/21 SFIA Sends Letter to Administration to Relaunch Trade Talks with China to Drop or Reduce Tariffs
8/17/21 SFIA Hires New Marketing and Communications Manager
7/26/21 SFIA Applauds USTR Decision to Not Hit Vietnam Imports with Additional Tariffs
6/15/21 SFIA Releases Single Sport & Fitness Activity Reports for 2021
6/1/21 SFIA and SBRnet Create Strategic Partnership
5/13/21 Legislative Effort to Lower Cost of Activity-Related Expenses Introduced in House
5/4/21 Bisu Takes Home the Prize at SFIA Start-Up Challenge
4/29/21 SFIA to Hold Flagship Event Virtually in November; Plans to Create New Regional, In-Person Industry Events
4/8/21 Ten Finalists Selected to Compete at SFIA Start-Up Challenge
3/25/21 Consumer Fitness Category Drives Overall Industry Market Growth
2/16/21 Individual Sports Up, Team Sports Down; Participation as Unpredictable as 2020 Itself
1/26/21 SFIA Start-Up Challenge Announces Grand Prize


12/15/20 Dan Arment Re-Elected SFIA Chairman; Jake Griffith (Walmart) and April Lane (Amazon) Newly Elected to Board of Directors
12/14/20 New Dashboard Enhances US Sports Participation Data
12/1/20 SFIA Start-Up Challenge Goes Virtual in 2021
11/16/20 SFIA Appoints Bill Patterson as New Chief Business Officer
8/24/20 All 89 Single Sport & Fitness Reports Released
8/12/20 Strong Fitness Participation Growth Reported Prior to Pandemic
7/28/20 SFIA to Launch New Virtual Conference Focusing on Industry Recovery and Re-Launch
7/23/20 Sports & Fitness Industry Does Not Expect Full Return in 2020
7/14/20 SFIA Launches Stimulus Campaign for Struggling Active Lifestyle Industries
6/23/20 Fitness Category Strong in the United States
6/18/20 Industry Sees Some Positive Movement on Sales and Return to Activity, Amid Ongoing COVID Challenges
5/21/20 COVID-19 Hits Industry Hard, Yet Fitness Surges
5/18/20 SFIA Releases In-Depth Individual Team Sport Reports
5/6/20 Prior to COVID-19, Sports & Fitness Industry Showed Solid Growth
3/12/20 SFIA, NFHS, NCAA Team Sports Rules & Management Conference Postponed
3/2/20 Sports and Fitness Market Grows 3.9 Percent
2/17/20 Herschel Walker, Steve Garvey, Brenda Martinez Among Athletes Supporting the PHIT Act on Capitol Hill
2/11/20 American Physical Activity Rates Tick Up


12/17/19 SFIA Elects New Chairman, Dan Arment (Riddell & BRG Sports); Hilvert (New Balance), Oben (NFL) Newly Elected to Board of Directors
12/13/19 Pending China Tariffs to Be Suspended Amid Potential Trade Deal
12/12/19 Congress is All About Getting PHIT
10/14/19 President Places Tariff Increase on Hold
9/25/19 Miro Amazes Industry at SFIA Start-Up Challenge
9/5/19 SFIA Industry Leaders Summit Featuring Topgolf, lululemon, Intel
8/14/19 Under Armour Lighthouse Tour Opens to SFIA Industry Leaders Summit Attendees
8/13/19 Five Start-Up Challenge Finalists to Compete at SFIA Industry Leaders Summit
8/6/19 Stahls’ Serves as New Sponsor of SFIA Industry Leaders Summit
8/1/19 President Trump Announces 10 Percent Tariffs on Chinese Imports
7/25/19 SFIA Releases First Batch of Single Sport & Fitness Activity Reports for 2019
7/15/19 SFIA Announces 2019 Future Industry Leaders Scholars
7/9/19 Bill Incentivizing Healthy Lifestyles Makes Strides in House
7/1/19 SFIA Encouraged by China Tariff Truce
6/25/19 SFIA Launches 4th Annual Start-Up Challenge
6/24/19 Empirika Media Becomes SFIA’s Exclusive Digital Media Partner
5/15/19 OpSec Commits to Three-Year Sponsorship Deal with SFIA
5/14/19 Unprecedented Tariffs Threaten Sports & Fitness Industry
5/8/19 SFIA Strongly Opposes Proposed Increase in China Tariffs
5/2/19 Dynamics of Sports and Fitness Market Driving Unique Growth Trends
4/25/19 Gordon and Lord Selected to Lead Baseball/Softball Council
3/28/19 PHIT Act is Making Quick Progress in New Congress
3/13/19 Athletes Recruiting Congressional Support for Physical Activity
3/12/19 Congress Gets Active: PHIT Act Off to Great Start in 2019
2/27/19 Herschel Walker, Carl Lewis, Bobby Valentine & Other Sports Icons to Promote the PHIT Act on Capitol Hill
2/18/19 SFIA Participation Report: More Americans Active, But Income Continues to Affect Participation
1/9/19 SFIA Hires New Managing Director of Sponsorship
1/2/19 Chris Clawson Re-Elected SFIA Chairman; Dan Arment (Riddell & BRG Sports) Elected Vice-Chairman; Davis (NHL), O’Toole (Walmart.com/Jet.com), Schroeder (Gildan), Sheridan (Brooks) Elected to Board of Directors


12/31/18 Clock Runs Out on PHIT as Congress Leaves Town for the Year
12/3/18 SFIA Pleased with President’s Temporary Suspension of New Tariffs
11/28/18 SFIA Releases 2018 Tracking the Fitness Movement Report – Highlighting Success and Evolution of Health Clubs
11/27/18 PHIT Act at the Goal Line
10/18/18 New Global Product Labeling Database Officially Launched by SFIA and WFSGI
9/26/18 Nix Wins $15,000 Grand Prize and All-Expense Paid Trip to Under Armour at the 2018 SFIA Start-Up Challenge
9/18/18 SFIA Upset with Decision to Impose Tariffs on $200 Billion in Consumer Goods
9/12/18 2018 SFIA State of the Industry Report Identifies New Opportunities Presented by an Increasingly Consumer-Centric World
9/4/18 SFIA Industry Leaders Summit Packs Agenda with Industry Trailblazers
8/20/18 SFIA to U.S. Trade Representative: Increased Tariffs are a Bad Idea!
8/9/18 SFIA Announces Six Start-Up Challenge Finalists for 2018 Competition
7/30/18 Senate Passes Tariff Relief Bill, Saving Industry Millions
7/27/18 SFIA Announces 2018 Future Industry Leaders Scholars
7/25/18 In Historic Vote, U.S. House of Representatives Passes the PHIT Act!
7/18/18 SFIA Releases First Batch of Single Sport & Fitness Activity Reports for 2018
7/12/18 PHIT Leaps Forward on Congressional Agenda
7/11/18 Proposed Tariffs Target Sports Bags and Baseball, Softball, Hockey and Ski Gloves
7/9/18 SFIA Partners with WFSGI to Support the Promotion of its Global Product Labeling Database
6/28/18 Venture Capital Firm, Black Lab Sports Sponsors SFIA Start-Up Challenge
6/28/18 SFIA Assists Senate in Online Counterfeit Inquiry
6/21/18 SURYS Commits to Three-Year Sponsorship Deal with SFIA
6/19/18 SFIA Urges Trump Administration to Avoid Escalation of “Trade War”
6/14/18 Soccer Participation in the United States
6/13/18 SFIA Opens Registration for 3rd Annual Start-Up Challenge
5/7/18 Herschel Walker to Co-Chair President’s Council on Sport, Fitness, and Nutrition
4/12/18 Sports & Fitness Product Industry Exceeds $90 Billion in Sales
4/4/18 SFIA Relieved Sports & Fitness Products Are Not Target of Tariff Increases
3/26/18 SFIA Sports, Fitness, and Leisure Activities Topline Participation Report Indicates Americans are Changing Their Activity Habits
3/7/18 Herschel Walker, Pat LaFontaine and Many More Celebrity Athletes Take the Stage on Capitol Hill to Promote Active Lifestyles
3/6/18 Physical Activity Study Shows 28% of Americans Inactive
2/27/18 SFIA and ACSM Leading Efforts to Name Herschel Walker Chairman of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition
1/25/18 SFIA Start-Up Challenge Finalists Collectively Raise Over $50 Million in Funding
1/24/18 SFIA Promotes Kerman, Names Schulman Communications & Marketing Coordinator


12/21/17 Chris Clawson Re-elected SFIA Chairman; Dowse (Wilson), Drinkwater (BSN Sports), Graham (Speedo USA), Mansuri (Amazon), Stanton (Under Armour, Inc.) Tandan (adidas) and Zlaket (Rawlings) elected to Board of Directors
11/14/17 PHIT Act a big hit with Congress, gets 100th Co-Sponsor in just 8 months
10/31/17 SFIA Releases 2017 "Tracking the Fitness Movement" Report
9/14/17 SFIA Hosts Successful ‘Start-Up Challenge' and Industry Leaders Summit
8/23/17 ITC recommends $49.5 Million in Tariff Relief on SFIA Members’ Products
7/27/17 Ten Companies Selected for Inaugural SFIA Innovative Product Showcase
7/20/17 NFL, Gatorade and The NPD Group Join Speaker Roster for 2017 SFIA Industry Leaders Summit
7/11/17 Five Innovative Companies Selected as Finalists for SFIA Start-Up Challenge
6/30/17 SFIA Applauds USTR Decision to Expand GSP Tariff Benefits for Backpacks and Sports Bags
6/28/17 Leading Voices from ESPN, MasterCard, STRIVR and Experticity To Speak at Sports & Fitness Industry’s Premier Networking Event
6/22/17 Amazon Joins SFIA’s Board of Directors
6/20/17 SFIA to Launch Innovative Product Showcase at 2017 Industry Leaders Summit
6/15/17 SFIA Releases 2017 Installment of Single Sports & Fitness Participation Reports
5/31/17 SFIA Partners with RISE Talent to Provide Dedicated Recruitment to Sports & Fitness Industry Executives
5/18/17 Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act Support Builds With 50th Congressional Co-Sponsor for Active, Healthy Lifestyle Bill
4/27/17 IBM & AIG, Join Premier Gathering of Legal Minds at 2017 SFIA LR2MS
4/25/17 SFIA Releases New “Innovative Insights” Report
4/13/17 SFIA Selects Judges for Second Annual ‘Start-Up Challenge’
4/11/17 SFIA Topline Report Shows Conflicting Sport Participation Trends
3/30/17 PAC Study Shows Slight Increase in Activity Levels, Room for Improvement Among Older Generation and Lower Income Households
3/22/17 SFIA Celebrates Landmark 18th Annual National Health Through Fitness Day on Capitol Hill
3/21/17 Nine-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Carl Lewis Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award
3/16/17 Heisman Trophy Winner, Super Bowl and World Series Champions, NHL Hall of Famer and Olympic Gold Medalists Join SFIA’s National Health Through Fitness Day
3/8/17 Sports and Fitness Industry U.S. Wholesale Shipment Report Reveals Modest Growth
3/1/17 Senator John Thune, Congressman Jason Smith Reintroduce Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act On Behalf Of Bipartisan Coalition
2/8/17 SFIA Statement on Fee Increase for NFHS Authenticating Mark Program
1/30/17 18th National Health Through Fitness Day 2017 Set For March 22 in Washington, D.C.
1/26/17 SFIA Debuts Start-Up Workshop at 2017 Litigation, Regulatory & Risk Management Summit
1/18/17 SFIA Data Prominently Featured at Football Summit Hosted by Jerry Jones
1/17/17 SFIA to Host Second Annual Start-Up Challenge at 2017 Industry Leaders Summit
1/9/17 SFIA Presents the 2017 CES Sports Tech Conference
1/4/17 Longtime SFIA Member Doug Gordon Named to PHIT America Board of Directors


12/15/16 Overall Team Sports Participation Trending Up, Core Participation Trending Down
12/12/16 Chris Clawson Re-elected SFIA Chairman; Arment (Riddell), Grove (PING), LaRose (Under Armour), McCarthy (Asics), McDonald (Body Solid) and Zambianchi (Technogym) elected to Board of Directors
12/6/16 Sports and Technology Converge at SFIA Sports Tech Conference at CES 2017
10/31/16 Tracking the Fitness Movement Report Shows Fitness Industry Growth
10/18/16 SFIA President & CEO Tom Cove Testifies Before USTR
10/17/16 SFIA Seeks Millions in Duty Relief on Sports & Fitness Imports
10/3/16 SFIA President & CEO Tom Cove to Present at Innovation Summit
9/28/16 SFIA Organizes Members to Save Millions in Tariff Relief on Eligible Products
9/27/16 SFIA and PHIT Coalition Promote PHIT Act to Congress to Lower Activity Costs
8/29/16 2016 SFIA State of the Industry Report Reveals Industry Growth Despite Major Disruption
8/22/16 National Health Through Fitness Day Olympic Alumni Shine at RIO 2016
8/18/16 The 2016 Industry Leaders Summit is Sold Out
7/26/16 Cleveland Cavaliers CEO & U.S. Secretary of Labor Added to Blockbuster Speaking Roster for 2016 SFIA Industry Leaders Summit
7/21/16 Five Companies Selected to Compete in SFIA 'Start-Up Challenge'
7/18/16 100 Members of Congress Support Physical Activity Incentive
7/11/16 Amazon Sports Executives to Headline 2016 SFIA Industry Leaders Summit
7/11/16 SFIA to Promote Physical Activity to Congress on National Youth Sports Day
6/30/16 SFIA Deems Expansion of Duty-Free Status on Backpacks and Sports Bags a Positive First Step
6/27/16 More than 50 Sports Industry Start-ups Worldwide Compete for Spot at SFIA 'Start-Up Challenge'
6/24/16 SFIA Applauds Signing of Bill to Reform Toxic Substances Control Act
6/22/16 Shocking Youth Participation Data: NEARLY 35 MILLION KIDS NOT ACTIVE TO HEALTHY LEVELS
6/20/16 SFIA supports delay in 100% Cargo Scanning Requirement
6/14/16 SFIA Releases 2016 Single Sport and Fitness Participation Reports
5/23/16 International Trade Commission Set to Move on Miscellaneous Tariff Bill
5/17/16 SFIA Announces Additional Judges for SFIA Start-Up Challenge
5/16/16 Physical Activity and Wellness Dominate DC this Week
5/2/16 SFIA Opens Applications for Inaugural Start-Up Challenge at 2016 Industry Leaders Summit
4/20/16 SFIA Seeks Tariff Reduction on Member-Made Sports Products
4/13/16 SFIA to Host Start-Up Challenge at 2016 Industry Leaders Summit
4/13/16 SFIA Members and Rules Makers Met to Analyze Potential Rules Changes
3/22/16 Department of Education Opens Competition for $23 Million in Physical Education Program (PEP) Grants
3/18/16 PHIT Act Support Surges After Industry and Athletes Take Capitol Hill
3/18/16 Former National League MVP Steve Garvey Honored with SFIA Lifetime Achievement Award
3/8/16 2016 SFIA Topline Participation Report Reveals Upbeat Scores for Team Sports
3/8/16 SFIA Moves Forward on Tariff Relief for Sports Bags and Backpacks - OGIO and Under Armour Testify on Behalf of GSP Expansion
2/29/16 PAC Sees Some Positive Signals in Americans Physical Activity Levels
2/19/16 Herschel Walker, Goose Gossage, Pat LaFontaine, & Carl Lewis Amid Legendary Athletes to Participate in 2016 SFIA NHTF Day
2/17/16 SFIA Unveils Webpage Featuring Models Meeting New SFIA Football Glove & Hand Pad Specification
2/15/16 SFIA Applauds Industry Vet Doug Gordan's Cross Country Bike Ride to Get P.E. Back in Schools
2/3/16 Historic Trade Agreement Signed
2/3/16 CPSC Chairman & FTC Director Highlight Key Industry Regulatory & Compliance Topics at SFIA LR2MS
1/22/16 SFIA Member Products Under Consideration for GSP Tariff-Relief
1/19/16 PHIT Act Achieves Unprecedented Congressional Backing
1/8/16 SFIA Sports Tech Conference & Marketplace Gains Prominence at CES2016
1/4/16 Pass the PHIT Act Social Media Campaign Pushes Congress on Physical Activity Incentives


12/14/15 SFIA & PHIT America to Drive Momentum for Passage of PHIT Act at 2016 National Health Through Fitness Day
12/2/15 U.S. CPSC Chairman Elliot F. Kaye to Keynote 2016 SFIA Litigation, Regulatory & Risk Management Summit
11/24/15 Congressman Jim Jordan Visits Wilson Football Factory
11/20/15 Friend of SFIA Spotlight on American Public University
11/11/15 TPP Agreement Made Public, Notified to Congress
11/5/15 SFIA Elects Chris Clawson of Life Fitness as Chairman of the Board
11/3/15 SFIA, PHIT America, and Partners Launch Social Media Campaign to Pass The PHIT Act
10/29/15 The PHIT Act Momentum Continues with Introduction of Senate Bill
10/20/15 SFIA & Member Companies Support Congressional Football Game
10/15/15 SFIA Organizes Members on Tariff Elimination Effort for Sports Bags & Backpacks
10/7/15 SFIA Comments on Completion of TPP Negotiations
10/7/15 Update: TPP Negotiations Conclude & GSP Changes
9/15/15 Commissioner Goodell Shares Insights on Youth Sports Participation
9/15/15 2015 SFIA Industry Leaders Summit Delivers Compelling Content and Dynamic Networking to Sports & Fitness Executives
9/14/15 SFIA Honors Representative Charles Boustany at Industry Leaders Summit
9/1/15 SFIA and Exponent Renew Valued Corporate Partnership
8/26/15 Intense Aerobic Workouts Fuel Growth in Fitness Participation
8/19/15 SFIA Announces Promotions in Communications and Sales Departments
8/19/15 Updated Opportunity to Seek GSP Duty-Free Treatment on Backpacks and Sports Bags
8/12/15 Opportunity to Seek GSP Duty-Free Treatment on Sports Bags
8/12/15 SFIA Announces New Football Glove & Hand Pad Specification Program for NFHS and NCAA Play
8/4/15 Procedures for Securing GSP Duty Refunds
8/4/15 Olympian Jennie Finch and Sports Doctor James Andrews to Join Roger Goodell on SFIA Sports Participation Panel
7/28/15 SFIA Announces Class of 2015 Future Industry Leader Scholars
7/23/15 Finnegan Podcast Discusses IP Considerations for Sports and Fitness Products
7/16/15 SFIA Proudly Supports Heads Up Football
7/13/15 Roger Goodell to Speak at 2015 SFIA Industry Leaders Summit
6/30/15 Congress Passes Key SFIA-Backed TPA, Trade Preference Bills
6/24/15 Congressional Action on SFIA-Backed Trade Bills Back on Track
6/17/15 House Vote Disrupts Congressional Action on SFIA-Backed Trade Legislation
6/17/15 2015 State of the Industry Report: Wholesale Shipments Surpass $84 Billion
6/1/15 Hologram Industries Added to SFIA Silver Corporate Partner Roster
5/27/15 Senate Completes Action on SFIA-Backed Trade Bills, House Up Next
5/14/15 SFIA Releases Top Single Sport Reports
5/13/15 Baird Becomes Newest SFIA Silver Corporate Partner
5/5/15 Congressional Committees Approve Key Trade Bills, Numerous SFIA-Backed Provisions
4/29/15 Fitness Activities Continue To Dominate Top Ten List of Core Participants
4/27/15 SFIA Assembles Prominent Speaker Roster for 2015 Industry Leaders Summit
4/20/15 Sports and Fitness Industry Surpasses $84 Billion in Wholesale Sales
4/20/15 PEP Program Gets 'Shot In The Arm' From Capitol Hill
4/20/15 TPA Bill Introduced in Congress
4/14/15 SFIA Members Discussed Potential Rules Changes in Team Sports
3/26/15 SFIA Members to Discuss Potential Rules Changes in Team Sports
3/4/15 Decorated Athletes Headlined SFIA's National Health Through FItness Day
2/25/15 SFIA Applauds Agreement Reached After Months-Long West Coast Ports Disruption
2/25/15 Sporting Goods & Fitness Manufacturers Currently Providing Projections on State of the Industry
2/24/15 Lacrosse Eye Protection News: Implementation Date Delayed Till 2017
2/24/15 Capitol Hill Event to Honor MLB Great
2/24/15 Top Sports Industry Brands + Decorated Athletes Headline SFIA's National Health Through Fitness Day
2/11/15 Fact Sheet: 2015 SFIA National Health Through Fitness Day
2/10/15 Experts Gather in Las Vegas to Examine Critical Legal & Risk Topics Impacting the Industry
2/3/15 SFIA Congratulates National Health Through Fitness Day Athlete Tim Brown on Hall of Fame Election
2/2/15 Litigation Management Inc. (LMI) Becomes SFIA Gold Corporate Partner
1/28/15 SFIA Sees Improved Prospects for Trade Agenda in 2015
1/15/15 SFIA Urges Action on West Coast Port Negotiations
1/14/15 SFIA Hires Health & Tax Lobbyists to Help Pass PHIT Act
1/8/15 Inaugural SFIA Sports Tech Conference and Marketplace Launches at International CES
1/6/15 CPSC Commissioner Joseph P. Mohorovic to Keynote SFIA’s Litigation & Risk Management Summit
1/5/15 California Regulatory Update at SFIA's 2015 Litigation & Risk Management Summit


12/18/14 Carol M. White Physical Education Program Grants (PEP) Funded for 2015
12/12/14 SFIA Re-Elects Bob Puccini of Mizuno USA as Chairman
12/10/14 Omni-Channel Retailing to be Explored at SFIA Litigation & Risk Management Summit
12/10/14 SFIA Team Sports Report Reveals Casual Participation Waning While Core Participants More Fervent
12/8/14 CSGA Members to Receive Discount on SFIA Litigation & Risk Management Summit Registration
12/3/14 2015 SFIA Litigation & Risk Management Summit to Feature "Avoiding Nightmares and Catastrophes" Session
12/3/14 SFIA Petitions President Obama to Unblock West Coast Port Congestion
11/19/14 SFIA's Litigation & Risk Management Summit Creates New "More Intimate" Programing
11/19/14 SFIA Urges Congress to Move on Trade Issues
11/12/14 White House and Republican Leaders Identify Trade as Area for Cooperation Following Elections
11/7/14 SFIA Sees PHIT Act Prospects Improved with Election Results
11/6/14 2015 SFIA Litigation & Risk Management Summit Changes Date
11/5/14 Inactivity Pandemic is Impacting Industry Revenue
10/1/14 Exponent Renews Corporate Partnership with SFIA
9/17/14 SFIA Announces Major Campaign to Increase Sports Participation
9/10/14 SFIA Fitness Report: New York City and Chicago Top Fitness List Rankings
9/9/14 SFIA to Host Performance Fabrics Webinar
9/3/14 SFIA Announces Class of 2014 Future Industry Leader Scholars
8/13/14 Jordan Brand President Larry Miller, NCAA President Mark Emmert, and Facebook Sports Exec Nat Hampson Top Speaker Lineup for SFIA Industry Leaders Summit
8/7/14 E-Commerce Omni-Channel Expert Keith Anderson to Deliver Retail Keynote at 2014 SFIA Industry Leaders Summit
7/29/14 SFIA Research Releases Record Number of Participation Reports
7/21/14 Physical Activity Tax Incentive (PHIT Act) Clears Major Hurdle in Congress
7/15/14 Sports Technology set to Score at New Sports Tech Marketplace at the 2015 International CES
7/11/14 SFIA Legal Task Force to Host Helmet Webinar
7/7/14 SFIA Rallies Against Funding Cuts to Physical Activity Infrastructures
6/25/14 Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) Strongly Opposes D.C. Gym Tax
6/25/14 SFIA Concerned of Potential West Coast Port Strike’s Impact on Members
6/11/14 SFIA State of the Industry Report: Technology Driving Product Interest and Sales
6/2/14 Physical Activity Incentive “PHIT Act” Hits 40 Co-Sponsors
5/30/14 SFIA Applauds NFL, NCAA, Department of Defense Research Pledge on Concussions
5/28/14 SFIA Opens Call for 2014 Future Industry Leaders Scholarship Program
5/20/14 SFIA Proud to Receive “Good Sport in Philanthropy” Award
5/20/14 SFIA to Host Cyber Security Webinar on May 22
5/12/14 SFIA Report: Fitness Activities Dominate Top Ten List of Core Participants
5/7/14 Sports and Fitness Industry Surpasses $80 Billion in Wholesale Sales
5/1/14 Over 80 Million Americans Still Inactive
4/10/14 Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS Becomes an SFIA Silver Corporate Partner
3/25/14 Industry Experts to Discuss Youth Sports Injuries at SFIA Litigation & Risk Management Summit
3/17/14 SFIA Pulse Report: Consumer Confidence in Sports and Fitness Industry Affected by Cold Weather
3/12/14 Rawling's David Hill and Xenith's Chuck Huggins Chosen to Lead SFIA Football Council
3/6/14 SFIA National Health Through Fitness Day Garners Bipartisan Support
2/24/14 SFIA Football Council Endorses USA Football's Heads Up Football Program
2/19/14 SFIA Congratulates National Health Through Fitness Day Supporter Elana Meyers on Winning Silver in Sochi
2/12/14 Mock Trial on Product Liability Issues Added to 2014 SFIA Litigation & Risk Management Summit Agenda
2/11/14 SFIA Members and Decorated Athletes to Lobby Congress for Physical Activity at SFIA’s National Health Through Fitness Day
2/7/14 SFIA to be Featured in ESPN Town Hall on Kids and Sports Airing Sunday, February 9th
2/4/14 PING’s Rawleigh Grove Elected as Chairman to SFIA’s U.S. Golf Manufacturers Council (USGMC)
1/31/14 Heroic Consumer Wrongfully Injured By Mislabeled Product? Or Goldbricking Plantiff Represented By A Viper CA Plantiff's Lawyer?
1/29/14 Super Bowl Referee Ed Hochuli to Speak at 2014 Litigation & Risk Management Summit
1/15/14 Core Participation Grows in Majority of Team Sports According to Latest SFIA U.S. Trends in Team Sports Report
1/13/14 Key Trade Bills Introduced in Congress Could Break Log Jam Blocking Tariff Relief on Sporting Goods
1/10/14 2014 SFIA Industry Leaders Summit to be Held in Chicago


11/18/13 Fitness Participation Rates Continue to Rank among the Highest According to Latest SFIA Tracking the Fitness Movement Report
11/7/13 SFIA Mourns Passing of Carol M. White, Author of Physical Education Program (PEP) Act
10/30/13 PHIT Hits All-Time High with 28th Co-Sponsor; Creates Tax Break for Activity Expenses
10/17/13 The WFSGI's Future of Manufacturing Forum Supported By SFIA
10/2/13 Department of Education Announces $32 million in 2013 PEP Awards
9/10/13 First Lady Applauds Sports Products Industry Leaders for Working Together to Promote Physical Activity
9/4/13 SFIA Encouraged by Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Negotiators Reaffirmation to Wrap up Agreement by Year’s End
8/28/13 SFIA and Exponent Agree to Gold Level Corporate Partner Program Relationship
8/14/13 National Talk Show Host Hugh Hewitt to Deliver Dinner Keynote at 2013 SFIA Industry Leaders Summit
7/31/13 RetailNet Group President Dan O’Connor to Deliver Retail Keynote at 2013 SFIA Industry Leaders Summit
7/19/13 SFIA Announces Inaugural Class of Future Industry Leaders Scholarship Recipients
6/24/13 Sports and Fitness Industry Predicts Domestic and International Sales Growth According to SFIA State of the Industry
6/19/13 Democrats Thrash Republicans in 52nd Congressional Baseball Game
5/22/13 Rob DeMartini and Tom Farrey to Speak at 2013 SFIA Industry Leaders Summit
5/15/13 PHIT Included in Congressional Report on Suggested Tax Reforms
5/1/13 Physical Activity Council Study Reveals 33% of Americans Active to a Healthy Level
5/1/13 SFIA Members Convene in Indianapolis for Annual High School and University Rules Meeting
4/23/13 PHIT Bill Gains 10 Congressional Sponsors Thanks to SFIA's National Health through Fitness Day Efforts
4/16/13 SFIA Launches Future Industry Leaders Scholarship Program
4/3/13 SFIA’s Litigation & Risk Management Summit Achieves Record Attendance
3/14/13 Over 125 Congressional Meetings Held During SFIA’s National Health through Fitness Day
3/12/13 Female Athletes - Prevention and Protection
3/6/13 SFIA Announces Powerhouse Lineup for 2013 Industry Leaders Summit - Registration Now Open
3/6/13 PHIT America Calls for PEP/PHIT Act Support
3/4/13 SFIA’s 14th National Health Through Fitness Day Kicks Off Next Week
2/20/13 Licensees Again Permitted to Attend the Standards Portion of the NOCSAE Board Meeting
2/19/13 LRMS Session Alert: "Making the Best Decisions in a Recall Crisis: A Mock Recall Exercise"
2/14/13 Electronic Transaction Systems Corporation (ETS) Becomes Platinum Level SFIA Corporate Program Partner
2/13/13 Sports & Fitness Industry Association Forms Football Council
2/12/13 SFIA Pulse Report: Consumer Confidence Continues to Rise as Increased Participation Anticipated
2/5/13 Avoiding a Nightmare: How a Few Words Could Create or Avoid a Catastrophe for Your Company
2/5/13 SFIA Members Based in Gulf Coast may be Eligible for BP Oil Spill Claim
1/28/13 SFIA Presents 6th Annual Litigation & Risk Management Summit (LRMS)
1/23/13 Fight Obesity and Support Cost Effective Solutions on National Health Through Fitness Day
1/23/13 SFIA Proud to be part of Sports & Fitness Coalition that Announces PHIT America: An Exciting Consumer Campaign to Fight the Obesity and Sedentary Crisis and Increase Sports and Fitness Participation
1/16/13 Sports & Fitness Industry Association Launches Lacrosse Council
1/3/13 Tariff Relief Not Included in 'Fiscal Cliff' Bill But SFIA Remains Optimistic


12/19/12 The Physical Activity Council Readies its Survey for the 2013 Collection
12/19/12 As Post-Olympic Participation in Volleyball Grows, the SFIA Volleyball Council Comes Together to Plan for Sustaining this Growth
12/12/12 SFIA Promotes Staff as Part of Reorganization
11/21/12 SFIA Analyzes Holiday Shopping Scene for Sports & Fitness Industry
11/15/12 SFIA Addresses Impact of the Election on Sports/Fitness Industry
11/13/12 SFIA Q3 Pulse Report Shows Consumers and Industry Poised for Positive Movement – Just in Time for Holidays
11/9/12 SFIA Addresses Impact of the Election on Sports/Fitness Industry
11/5/12 Doe vs.Tenenbaum: What Every Company Needs to Know
11/1/12 SFIA Elects Bob Puccini of Mizuno USA as Chairman
10/10/12 Baseball: Not Just a Game for Children
10/10/12 SGMA Membership Approves Name Change to Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA)
9/27/12 Female Participation Is Key To Team Sports Future
9/18/12 U.S. District Court in OK Reversed Jury Verdict Against a Baseball Bat Manufacturer
9/14/12 New Juror Instructions Aim To Insulate Trials From Tweets And Other Social Media
9/12/12 SFIA Supports National PSA Campaign To Defeat Childhood Obesity
9/12/12 SGMA Launches New Strategic Plan and Rebranding, Will Become Sports & Fitness Industry Association
9/6/12 SGMA Reports That Team Sports in the U.S. Are Evolving
9/5/12 The Scariest Theory in Product Liability and How to Prepare for It
8/31/12 How Does the GOP Platform Affect the Sports Industry?
8/20/12 Former SGMA Chairman John Parish Ready for Hall of Fame Induction
8/17/12 Social Media and Discovery in Litigation
8/14/12 U.S. Department of Education Announces NEW PEP Awards
8/13/12 SGMA Honors National Health Through Fitness Day Athletes Who Won Gold in London
8/7/12 “Up Close and Personal” with America’s Olympic ‘Host'
8/1/12 SGMA's 'Olympic Top 20' Participation Study
8/1/12 Q & A with U.S. Olympic/ WNBA Superstar Tamika Catchings
7/31/12 SGMA Optimistic About the Industry Sales & Participation
7/25/12 Class-Based Fitness Is ‘All the Rage’ at U.S. Health Clubs
7/24/12 SGMA Salutes Recent National Health Through Fitness Day Athletes Participating In London Olympics
7/17/12 SGMA Members Help to Sponsor the 2012 Congressional Softball and Baseball Games
7/16/12 New York’s Highest Appellate Court to Decide Whether Health Club That Was Obligated to Have an AED Was Also Required to Use It (Miglino v. Bally Total Fitness)
6/29/12 Larry Doby: One of Baseball's Legendary Figures
6/29/12 SGMA & Its Member Companies Support Congressional Baseball Game
6/27/12 Five Tips on the Proper Selection of Expert Witnesses
6/27/12 A Day in the Life of Herschel Walker - In Our Nation's Capital
6/21/12 Congresswomen & Media Play Ball in D.C.
6/14/12 PEP Funding For FY 2013 Is Off to Great Start
6/12/12 SGMA Reveals Sports/Fitness Industry Is Steady, Strong & Evolving
6/12/12 SFIA Announces National Product Donation/Distribution Partnership with Good Sports
6/4/12 Social Media – Balancing Employer and Employee Rights in the Digital Age
6/4/12 “Warning Will Robinson, Warning”! A Primer in Warnings
5/29/12 How to Make the Most Out of Court Required Mediation
5/23/12 SGMA's Wholesale Study Reports $77+ Billion In Sales
5/22/12 Compliance with Regulations Does Not Shield Manufacturers from Liability
5/22/12 Golfing Great Johnny Miller Q & A with SGMA's Mike May
5/22/12 SGMA Participation Reports Available: On A Sports-By-Sport Basis'
5/15/12 SGMA’s VJ Mayor Tabbed for Association Executive Leadership Program
5/8/12 SGMA Supports National Fitness Study Findings
4/27/12 Online Marketing Is A Vital Cog In Today's World
4/25/12 SGMA, NFHS, & NCAA Official Host Rules Discussion In Indy
4/20/12 SFIA Research Unveils New Participation Tracking Technology
4/16/12 Defending Your Product Like a Pro: Understanding a Lawsuit from the Starting Gun to the Finish Line
4/11/12 Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) Delivers Keynote Address at SGMA’s Litigation & Risk Management Summit
4/11/12 Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) Delivers Keynote Address at SGMA’s Litigation & Risk Management Summit
4/9/12 SGMA Says: 220 Million Americans Are ‘Active’, Yet 68 Million Americans Are ‘Inactive’
4/3/12 SGMA Says: April 30 Deadline for Tariff Relief Bills on Sporting Goods
3/30/12 What is Keeping You Up at Night? A Candid Discussion With Experience In House Counsel
3/29/12 Want to Find Out What is Keeping Sporting Goods In House Counsel Awake at Night?
3/29/12 Inactivity Levels in the U.S. Rise to 68.2 Million People
3/19/12 Advertising, Warning, & Instructions – How Your Own Words Can Make Or Break You
3/19/12 Will a "Tweak" In Design Result in a "Pop" at Trial?
3/13/12 Involve Gains Technogym USA Account Expanding Its Active Lifestyle Client Roster
3/12/12 SGMA's National Health Through Fitness Day: Quotes & Comments
3/12/12 SGMA Says The Olympics Do Impact Sports Participation
3/8/12 SGMA Identifies Today’s American Sports Fan
3/5/12 After the Recall – The Class (Action) Is Now In Session
3/5/12 SGMA Members Stress Importance of Physical Activity Bills to Congress
3/5/12 SGMA Members Stressed Importance of Physical Activity Bills to Congress
2/27/12 SGMA’s Lobby Day in D.C. Attracts BSN Sports As Transportation Sponsor
2/22/12 SGMA Names Ron Rosenbaum as SVP, Marketing & Business Development
2/17/12 The New Era in Greener and Safer Products
2/17/12 Effective Online Marketing Drives Offline Sales
2/13/12 Capitol Hill Event to Honor Former Redskin
2/13/12 A Capitol Hill Special Event
2/9/12 SGMA Applauds NFHS Decision To Delay Implementation of Football Glove Standard
2/7/12 Top Sports Industry Brands + Decorated Athletes Headline SGMA's National Health Through Fitness Day
2/6/12 Two Dynamic Lunch Speakers for the LRMS Summit
2/3/12 Top Five Reasons to Reconsider Arbitration
1/27/12 Update on Recent CPSC Developments
1/24/12 Jury Attitudes & Advocacy Techniques In Sports-Product Litigation
1/24/12 Summary of NOCSAE Meeting: January 20-21
1/23/12 FACT SHEET: SGMA's 13th National Health Through Fitness Day
1/22/12 Former NFL Players’ Suit Against the League and Superbowl Season Bring Added Attention to Head Injuries and Helmet Safety
1/22/12 SGMA Legal Summit Explores The Cutting Edge On Head & Body Protection On April 10, 2012 In Las Vegas, NV
1/17/12 CAUTION: Are Product Warnings Required in Languages Other than English?
1/9/12 It’s cool but what is it?
1/3/12 Exercising Caution After The Big Verdict in
1/3/12 Best Practices for Better Emails at Work


12/22/11 Sand/Beach Volleyball: New Marketing Angle on Olympic Favorite
12/21/11 SGMA Announces National Study on Size/Scope of the Sporting Goods Industry
12/18/11 Congress Passes 2012 Federal Budget: PEP Gets Level Funding
12/14/11 Duties Involving The Preservation Of Electronically Stored Information
12/6/11 We Are Being Sued Where?
11/29/11 Finally! A Manufacturer “Complains” Back to CPSC About Its On-Line Database of Consumer Reports
11/29/11 Duties Involving The Preservation Of Electronically Stored Information
11/29/11 SGMA Supports Strong Stance by Obama Administration on Counterfeiting
11/28/11 SGMA Is Focused on Stopping On-Line Sales of Counterfeit Products
11/11/11 Escalade Sports Adds Team Dealer Sales Agencies to Sales Force
11/7/11 Protecting Innovation:Strategies For Reducing The Costs & Improving The Quality Of Your Patents
11/3/11 SGMA Takes The Lead In Supporting Congressional Flag Football Game
10/28/11 Crisis Management – Best Practices in the Digital Age
10/24/11 Baseball's Dedicated Core of Players Drive Sales
10/19/11 The Wacky Bat Case
10/19/11 Larry J. Franklin of Franklin Sports Re-Elected SGMA Chairman
10/7/11 The Patent Reform Act Sounds the Death Nell For False Marking Trolls
10/5/11 Legal Ease Returns, Important Information From Your Legal Task Force
10/4/11 SGMA Supports Federal Bill Which Will Encourage Fitness in the Workplace
9/29/11 Department of Education Announces New PEP Awards
9/28/11 McDavid: Supported by Athletes, Loved by Mom
9/22/11 Senate Appropriations Funds PEP for 2012-2013 School Year
9/22/11 State of Team Sports in America
9/21/11 SGMA President Calls for Reduced Trade Barriers to Promote Global Health
8/23/11 SGMA Product Integrity Program Knowledge Services Launched Via Webinar
8/23/11 President Obama Signs Consumer Product Safety Reform Bill Into Law
7/29/11 SGMA Applauds Goals of National Youth Sports Week
7/26/11 PHIT Bill Is Being Re-Introduced on Capitol Hill
7/21/11 U.S.A. Women's Soccer Thriving Thanks To Youth Programs
7/18/11 SGMA Plays Prominent Role in Congressional Baseball Game
7/14/11 Social Networking Making its Mark on Fitness and Exercise
7/12/11 SGMA Announces Product Integrity Program For Its Members In Partnership With Bureau Veritas
7/11/11 The SGMA Congratulates Abby Wambach & The U.S. Women's World Cup Team For Their Historic Victory Over Brazil
6/29/11 SGMA Says: PEP Funding In Jeopardy For 2012
6/27/11 McDavid USA Combats Dangerous Baseball Injuries with Protective Apparel
6/24/11 Congresswomen Play Ball For Fun, Fitness, & Charity
6/15/11 SGMA's Single-Sport Participation Studies Identify Key Demographics
6/8/11 SGMA Announces New Addition to NOCSAE Board
5/26/11 PEP Funding For FY2012 Is In Jeopardy
5/19/11 SGMA Reveals Sports Industry Is ‘On The Rebound’
5/17/11 SGMA Applauds Announcement of $78.8 Million in PEP Grants in FY 2011
5/17/11 Schutt Reconditioning Sponsors Non-Profit Football Camp
5/9/11 Active Network and the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA)
4/29/11 SGMA Board Member Jim Baugh Ready for Hall of Fame Induction
4/25/11 The SGMA, NFHS, & NCAA Host High School & College Rules Meeting
4/13/11 The SGMA Survey Says ‘Social Networking’ Has Significant Impact on Sports Participation
4/12/11 PEP Survives Massive Federal Budget Cuts But Future Tenuous
4/6/11 SGMA’s Litigation & Risk Management Summit Successfully Tackles Current Issues
3/30/11 2011 PEP Grant Awards Competition Opens March 29... Closes May 13
3/29/11 More Than 60 Million Americans Are Considered 'Couch Potatoes'
3/23/11 Sportcraft Launches Retail B2B Exchange
3/16/11 AFIRM Brings Showcase Tour to Washington D.C. Area
3/9/11 Q & A with Golf Legend Gary Player
3/2/11 SGMA Members Educate Congress About Necessity Of Physical Activity Bills
2/28/11 Everlast CEO, Neil Morton to Join SGMA Delegates in Washington for National Health Through Fitness Day
2/28/11 Industry Leaders Gathered On Capitol Hill To Save PEP Legislation
2/22/11 Schutt Reconditioning Signs Lease and Saves Jobs
2/7/11 AFIRM Fitness Showcase Tour Launches Successfully
2/3/11 AFIRM Fitness Showcase Tour Has Solid Debut
1/19/11 FACT SHEET: SGMA's 12th National Health Through Fitness Day
1/19/11 Leading Industry Brands + Celebrity Athletes Headline SGMA's National Health Through Fitness Day
1/11/11 Physical Education Funding Threatened by Budget Cuts and Department of Education Plan


12/22/10 SGMA Wins Bronze Award in Association TRENDS All-Media Contest
11/29/10 The SGMA Team Wins Congressional Football League
11/16/10 Larry J. Franklin of Franklin Sports Re-Elected SGMA Chairman
11/11/10 FedEx and UPS to Raise Small Package Rates for 2011
11/11/10 The Expected Impact of the November Elections on U.S. Businesses
10/22/10 Team Sports In America: SGMA's Age Group Analysis
10/1/10 Department of Education Awards $80 Million in PEP Grants
9/22/10 Team Sports in America: What Sports Are Popular? Who is Playing?
9/7/10 SGMA Identifies America's Fittest Cities
8/11/10 The Sports Industry Loses Great Champion
8/11/10 SGMA Says Seniors Are the ‘Rock’ of Stability in Fitness Business
8/3/10 News from NOCSAE: Football Gloves, Protective Helmets, and More
7/30/10 SGMA Applauds Proposed $80 Million for PEP in 2011
7/21/10 U.S. House Passes Tariff Relief
7/20/10 SGMA Study Identifies Active Segments of U.S. Population
7/9/10 House Committee Includes SGMA-Backed Provisions in Miscellaneous Tariff Bill
7/6/10 SGMA Plays Prominent Role in Congressional Baseball Game
6/30/10 Boxing and Kickboxing: Two Effective Stress Relief Outlets
6/18/10 2010 PEP Grant Awards Competition Opens June 18... Closes July 18
6/11/10 ‘The Beautiful Game' Is A Major Player In The Retail Sector
6/7/10 SGMA’s Single-Sport Participation Studies: Available Now
5/14/10 SGMA and NSGA Meet To Discuss Working Together in the Future
5/11/10 SGMA's 2010 State of the Industry Report Released
4/23/10 SGMA, NFHS, & NCAA Coordinate High School and College Rules 'Summit'
4/6/10 SGMA's Wholesale Study Reports $71+ Billion in Sales
3/29/10 Physically Active Americans Want ‘Better Return’ From Their ‘Exercise Investment’
3/18/10 New Partnership in Sports/Recreation Industry Announces Findings
3/16/10 Athletes Speak Out in Favor of P.E. and Physical Activity
3/1/10 SGMA's Annual Sports Participation Study to Examine Fandom
2/24/10 Football Great Tim Brown To Receive SGMA’s Lifetime Achievement Award
2/16/10 SGMA's National Health Through Fitness Day Has Celebrity Appeal
2/12/10 SGMA Applauds First Lady's Effort to Curb Childhood Obesity
1/29/10 Golf Equipment Manufacturers Unite to Address Industry Issues
1/26/10 Athletic Directors and Coaches Get Their Chance to Speak Out
1/25/10 Record Number of Sponsors Backing SGMA's National Health Through Fitness DAy
1/25/10 European Help Desk Representatives Ready to Meet & Assist SGMA Members During Upcoming ISPO Trade Fair
1/19/10 SGMA Gathers Soccer Leaders To Discuss Major Off-the-Field Issues
1/4/10 FedEx and UPS Announce Rate Increases for 2010


12/15/09 SGMA Creates Association of Fitness Industry Retailers & Manufacturers (AFIRM)
12/9/09 Fact Sheet: SGMA's 11th Annual National Health Through Fitness Day
12/8/09 SGMA Working With Congress To Extend Duty Suspension For Producers Of Volleyballs & Basketballs
12/7/09 SGMA Gets LinkedIn
11/23/09 SGMA's Efforts to Push Physical Activity Can Make A Difference
11/17/09 16 Eurozone Countries Out of Recession
11/3/09 SGMA, Nike, and NFL Take the Lead in Supporting Congressional Flag Football Game
10/27/09 Thoughts from One of Baseball's Broadcasting Greats
10/23/09 Larry J. Franklin of Franklin Sports Elected SGMA Chairman
10/16/09 Profiting from the Economic Upturn
10/8/09 SGMA & Its Membership Use Football To Support A Good Cause
10/6/09 SGMA Says Fitness Participation Remains Stable, Despite Decline in Fitness Sales
9/23/09 U.S. Decision on China Tire Exports Could Impact Sporting Goods Exports To China
9/9/09 SGMA Members Offered Exclusive Opportunity For European Business Development
9/9/09 Monitoring Your Efforts To Grow Your Sport
9/2/09 Team Sports Participation Affected by Many Outside Factors
8/19/09 SGMA Members Can Now Save On Shipping With PartnerShip
8/5/09 Rate of New Participants Says A Lot About Your Sport
7/30/09 Team Sports & Fitness Dominate, But The Sports Landscape Is Changing
7/24/09 CPSC Issues Guidance on New Tracking Label Requirement
7/15/09 Department of Education Awards $78 Million in PEP Grants
7/8/09 Grow Grassroots Sports Participation To Grow The Business
6/30/09 U.S. Congress Moving on Health Care Reform
6/29/09 SGMA Supports Preserving the Status Quo of Lacey Act
6/29/09 ATTENTION: Bicycle Industry
6/29/09 The 'Leaky Bucket' Effect
6/23/09 Organized Sport Play Dominates Team Sports Market
6/18/09 SGMA Addresses Industry Concerns On CPSIA Legislation
6/17/09 SGMA Supports Converting 'Tryers' Into 'Buyers'
6/8/09 Cross Sports Participation Holds Keys to Growth
6/1/09 Peak Age Analysis Reveals Keys to Growing Team Sports
5/18/09 SGMA Says "Boomers Are Embracing Fitness”
5/8/09 Economic Struggles Are Impacting Female Sports Participation Trends
5/7/09 Lacrosse Play Moving at Torrid Pace
4/29/09 SGMA Reports PHIT Bill Introduced in Congress
4/24/09 SGMA Helps Organize High School And College Rules 'Summit'
4/2/09 Sporting Goods Down 3.2% in 2008, But Industry Outperforms National Consumer Durable Goods GDP
3/18/09 Fitness, Family, & Social Activities Drive Sports Participation
3/16/09 SGMA Says Sales Of Euipment, Shoes & More Exceed $66 Billion
3/13/09 SGMA’s 10th National Health Through Fitness Day Was Dynamic
2/12/09 Five Ways to Improve Your Company's Bottom Line Through Proactive Intellectual Property Management
2/6/09 Court Rules Phthalates Ban is Retroactive
2/2/09 FACT SHEET: SGMA’s 10th National Health Through Fitness Day
2/2/09 SGMA Says CPSC Stay on Testing & Certification Is a Positive Step,
1/27/09 SGMA’s 10th National Health Through Fitness Day - Football Great Tim Brown To Receive Special Honor
1/23/09 25+ Sponsors & 15 Celebritiy Athletes Headline SGMA's National Health Through Fitness Day
1/12/09 SGMA & Disney Delivered Fitness Tips To Consumers On TV


12/12/08 SGMA Prepares For 10th National Health Through Fitness Day In D.C.
12/4/08 dmg world media/SGMA Postpones Next SGMA Team Sporting Goods Shows
11/20/08 SGMA Industry Alert: CPSC Relaxes Phthalates Restrictions
11/13/08 SGMA News Alert: Formal Certification of Compliance with Product Safety Laws Now Required
11/10/08 US Customs Reopens Comment Period on Change in Country of Origin Rules
11/10/08 The Obama Impact On The Overall Sports Industry: Favorable Or Unfavorable?
11/5/08 SGMA Message: CPSC Perspective on Phthalates Ban in Sporting Goods
10/30/08 Soccer Is Always In Season, Especially In Stores
10/28/08 Design Patents Stage a Comeback: What It Means for Manufacturers
10/20/08 Baseball's Dedicated Core of Players Drive Sales
10/13/08 Treadmills: More than 50 Million People Enjoy Its 'Sweat Appeal' -- Especially Seniors
10/2/08 Sanctioned Team Sports Play In the US Remains Strong, But...
9/25/08 SGMA's Sports Licensing Satellite Media Tour Generated Coast-to-Coast News Coverage for Sports Licensed Products
8/21/08 SGMA’s TV Tailgate Party To Showcase Sports Licensed Products- SGMA Initiative Coincides With College Colors Day
8/18/08 President Bush Signs Bill To Strengthen Product Safety Laws- Sporting Goods Industry Will Be Impacted In Several Areas
8/15/08 U.S. Fitness Industry: Treadmills Are #1 Attraction
8/11/08 SGMA Survey Says: Millions of Americans Are Involved in Fitness and Sports on a Regular Basis... But Too Many Are Underactive or Inactive
8/6/08 US Olympic Swim Team: A Microcosm Of American Swimming- SGMA Studies Show Senior Swimming Trend
8/4/08 Basketball: Alive & Well Around The World- SGMA Figures Showcase Strength of ‘Hoops’ in the U.S.
7/28/08 Importers, Be Sure to Remember Your Surety: Court Ruling Highlights Need to Protect Against Additional Import Costs
7/24/08 SGMA Coordinates Congressional Testimony on Youth Fitness
7/16/08 SGMA Pleased with Announcement of $75 Million in PEP Grant Awards for '08
7/15/08 Sports Industry Alert: TV News Opportunity
7/7/08 Extreme Sports: An Ever-Popular Attraction
5/1/08 Litigating and Trying Cases in “Difficult” Venues
4/15/08 Believe It or Not: The U.S. Attorney and the F.B.I. Can Now Help You Recover Your Client's Misappropriated Confidential Information
4/14/08 SGMA Offers Sporting Goods & Fitness Manufacturers Opportunity to Participate in Online Buyers Guide
4/1/08 US Customs to Importers: Higher Duties Should Apply on Purchases from Distributors
3/18/08 SGMA's National Health-through-Fitness Day is a Winner
3/15/08 Careful Contracts Reduce Risk
3/4/08 Nearly 20 Champions of Sport Will Attend SGMA’s 9th National Health-through-Fitness Day in D.C.
3/1/08 The Sophisticated User Doctrine Changes the Liability Landscape
2/15/08 The Newest Trend in Consumer Litigation: "Made in the U.S.A" Claims
2/13/08 SGMA’S National Health-through-Fitness Day Helps Your Bottom Line
2/1/08 Fifth Circuit Clarifies the Intent Requirements for a Criminal FCPA Conviction
1/30/08 SGMA’s National Health-through-Fitness Day
1/17/08 SGMA Prepares for National Health-through-Fitness Day in D.C.
1/15/08 Preparing The Hybrid Expert Witness For Deposition and For Trial
1/15/08 SGMA Applauds Announcement of $75.5 Million in PEP Grants in '08
1/11/08 SGMA Promotes Fitness and Exercise ‘ON THE AIR’
1/1/08 Developing An In-House Expert, A Helpful Tool in Defending Product Liability Claims
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