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Summary of SFIA Contact Congress

The success generated by a collaborative industry approach goes a long way in establishing critical long-term communications opportunities, and an aggressive, informed membership guarantees SFIA a preeminent leadership role on Capitol Hill and around Washington. The SFIA and member companies advocate for favorable public policy which:

  • encourages and increases public participation in sports, fitness and recreation
  • promotes a favorable trade environment for our member companies
  • establishes proper safeguards and regulations for consumer product safety
  • works with Congress and federal government to strengthen and enforce intellectual property right laws

Collective industry action is critical to building success on Capitol Hill for issues important to the growth and sustainability of the sporting goods & fitness industry. The SFIA always seeks to engage and maximize member participation in the legislative process, offering tangible opportunities for members to get involved.

Currently SFIA is focused on passing the PHIT Act, an initiative that would make physical health a cultural value by providing financial incentives to encourage greater participation in sports and fitness activities. Click below to learn more about the PHIT Act.

Visit PASSPHIT.org for more info!


For more information on how you can be involved with SFIA Congressional Sports Activities, please contact Bill Sells at 301.495.6321 or at bsells@sfia.org

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