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Intellectual Property Rights
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Summary of Intellectual Property Activities

SFIA wants to prevent on-line sales of counterfeit sports and fitness products, including licensed products by working with the Federal IPR Center and pursuing legislation to give the Federal Government greater authority to shut down foreign based sites trafficking in counterfeit sports and fitness products.

More Information on Intellectual Property Activities
White the Congressional focus on Intellectual Property issues at the end of 2011 it got bogged down and ultimately died during the election year.  While legislation to curb on-line sales of counterfeit products was introduced, but Congress has been unable to reach consensus on a solution to the problem.  Congress and the President are committed to protecting U.S. Intellectual Property Rights holders and continue to seek compromise legislation.  SFIA has had good success working with the Federal IPR Center to shut down websites trafficking in counterfeit products.  On Cyber-Monday 2011 the IPR center shut down 150 sites selling fake products, 127 were trafficking in sports-related products.

CLICK HERE to view the full document submitted to Senate Finance Committee on Thursday, June 28, 2018.

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