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Summary of Key SFIA Public Affairs Activities
Our Public Affairs Staff is constantly working Capitol Hill. Bill Sells and our team are always trying to find ways to “Get America Moving”, promote legislation to improve business and protect your interests in other ways. 

Important SFIA Public Affairs Activities

National Health Through Fitness (NHTF) Day. NHTF Day is the SFIA’s day on Capitol Hill to "Get America Moving”. This signature event promotes policies that will increase participation in sports & fitness activities and increase demand for members' products.

Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT). PHIT will increase activity through tax incentives. PHIT will make physical health a cultural value by providing financial incentives that reduce activity costs to encourage greater participation in sports and fitness activities.  Visit PASSPHIT.org for more info. 

International Trade. The sports and fitness industry is growing globally and the SFIA works to ensure that most favorable trade environment for its members by advocating for trade policies that reduce trade barriers and lower the cost of getting products to market.

Targeted Tariff Relief. Tariff Relief is a major focus of the SFIA.  We want to lower or eliminate tariffs to reduce import costs on sporting goods & fitness products. The SFIA works with Congress and the Federal Government to lower or remove obsolete tariffs to lower import costs.

Intellectual Property Rights. SFIA is working to strengthen and enforce intellectual property laws. A primary focus is to prevent online sales of counterfeit sports and fitness products, including licensed products by pursuing legislation that gives Federal Government greater authority and new powers.

Product Safety. The SFIA works to educate Federal Regulators and Congress on improvements in sports & fitness equipment to better protect participants from injury. We strive to ensure realistic requirements on performance of equipment and appropriate application of product safety laws. SFIA's Legal Task Force hosts webinars to inform SFIA members of new product safety regulations, how they apply to their products and manufacturer compliance responsibilities. 


General Business. Increased costs of conducting business can severely impact your bottom line. The SFIA strives to protect businesses from government policies that place unreasonable burdens on employers and limit taxes to encourage growth.


The SFIA Public Affairs Department works on many other areas which benefit you. Just click on any of the links under “Public Affairs” to learn more or contact Bill Sells at 301.495.6321 or at bsells@sfia.org.

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