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PHIT -Personal Health Investment Today Act (H.R. 1218)
Increase Physical Activity Through Tax Incentives

Summary of SFIA Activities for PHIT 

The SFIA is promoting PHIT to make physical health a cultural value by providing financial incentives to encourage greater participation in sports and fitness activities. 

More Information on PHIT Act
The PHIT Act made a big jump in 2014 gaining support from 50 co-sponsors.  Even more impressive is it is one of the few truly bi-partisan health bills with equal support from Republicans and Democrats.  This positions PHIT perfectly in 2015 when a Republican Congress will need to find bi-partisan ways to improve healthcare to avoid President Obama’s veto pen.  PHIT is an innovative concept that fits with two major Congressional concerns: rising health care costs and the budget deficit.  The rise in sedentary lifestyles is a major contributor to higher obesity rates and an increased incidence of expensive, preventable chronic illnesses.  PHIT will help reverse the sedentary/obesity trend by providing an economic incentive to invest in physical activity.  If enacted physical activity expenses could be reimbursed using money in pre-tax medical accounts.  Financial incentives have been used effectively to encourage home ownership, retirement savings and higher education; PHIT would do the same for investment in improved health via physical activity.  

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PHIT America Campaign, How You Can Help and How PHIT Will Benefit You

Help us pass PHIT. The new PHIT America Campaign is very focused on finding ways to pass the PHIT Act. Joining the PHIT America Alliance is a great way for you to help.


Below are web pages which will explain the PHIT America Campaign and how you can get involved in the effort to pass PHIT.



For more information PHIT, please contact Bill Sells at 301.495.6321 or at bsells@sfia.org.



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