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PHIT -Personal Health Investment Today Act (S. 680, H.R. 1679)
Increase Physical Activity Through Tax Incentives

Summary of SFIA Activities for PHIT 

The SFIA is promoting PHIT to make physical health a cultural value by providing financial incentives to encourage greater participation in sports and fitness activities. 
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If you are interested in informational one-page documents detailing PHIT & the need for change:

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Congress support for activity tax break via PHIT Act reaches new heights 

Congress may be struggling with broad healthcare reform but Republicans and Democrats agree on incentivizing activity. The Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act would allow consumers to pay for activity expenses using funds in pre-tax medical accounts (Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Savings Accounts). 

We cannot medicate ourselves to health, it requires a commitment of time and money to live active, healthy lifestyles. Prevention and wellness our key to the future of our healthcare system but cost is a barrier to active lifestyles that did not exist in previous generations. The PHIT Act will lower cost to consumers to increase activity in America. 

At a time when the parties do not agree on healthcare or taxes, the PHIT Act is an outlier with 58 Democrats and 47 Republicans co-sponsoring this healthcare-related tax incentive. Congress must improve the current healthcare system or face the consequences back home. With the Republican repeal effort having failed, bi-partisan reform is the only path forward and the PHIT Act is one of the most bi-partisan of them all. 

Help keep the pressure on Congress. Spread the word to #passPHIT!



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PHIT Act Social Media Campaign

The #PassPHIT social media campaign is an opportunity for you, your organization and your network to join the conversation on the importance of the PHIT Act and its necessity for the health and well-being of all. With your help, the impact will be monumental.


Download the toolkit while and use #PassPHIT and tag @TheSFIA. Our goal is to spread awareness about the PHIT Act and have the #PassPHIT topic trending nationwide!


Download the Official #PassPHIT Fitness and Youth Sports Toolkits Here!



For more information PHIT, please contact Bill Sells at 301.495.6321 or at bsells@sfia.org.

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