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The PHIT Act
How PHIT Benefits You?

PHIT is Great for Americans
Simply said, The PHIT Act will give Americans the incentive to "get moving" to improve their fitness and health. Once the PHIT Act becomes legislation, Americans who utilize their "Pre-tax medical Medical Accounts" can:

  • Lower the cost of being physically active
  • Improve health to reduce future medical spending  
  • Specifically reduce the cost of:
    • Fitness equipment
    • Health and Fftness club memberships
    • Equipment used specifically for sports or fitness activities
    • Sport league or race entry fees
    • Many other sport or fitness related expenses
    • Purchasing equipment specifically used for sport and fitness activities

Below are the ways PHIT will benefit specific parts of our industry. If you have questions on which products or services will be included in The PHIT Act, please contact Bill Sells at 301.495.6321 or at bsells@sfia.org.

PHIT for Sport and Fitness Retailers

  • Increase participation in sport and fitness activities 
  • Increase Demand for equipment 
  • Lower cost of fitness equipment to consumer via tax break 

PHIT for Fitness Facilities

  • Reduced cost for club membership
  • Reduced cost for fitness classes
  • Increased participaton 

PHIT for Fitness Instructors

  • Reduce cost of fitness classes via tax break
  • Increase participation in fitness classes
  • Encourage greater use of personal trainers

PHIT For Organizations Running Events (marathons, etc.)

  • Reduce Registration Fees
  • Lower cost of “running-only” equipment (footwear that can be worn casually would not qualify, GPS/heart rate monitor watch could qualify)
  • Increase participation in running events

PHIT for Leagues

  • Reduce registration fees
  • Increase participation
  • Generate additional revenue for leagues

PHIT for Manufacturers of Sport and Fitness Equipment

  • Increase participation
  • Increase Demand for equipment
  • Lower cost to consumer via tax break

Visit PASSPHIT.org for more info!

If you want to learn more about the PHIT Act, contact Bill Sells.

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