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PHIT America Overview
PHIT America is a year round social media and marketing campaign promoting an “Active, Fit and Healthy America” by educating ten's of millions of Americans on:

  • The urgency and implications of the obesity & sedentary crisis
  • The benefits of increased physical activity and fitness
  • How the PHIT Act will help Americans “Get Fit & Healthy”
  • Getting kids active through our PHIT America GO! Grant program for schools.
  • How you can be part of A Movement for a FIT America

You can learn much more about this important campaign at PHITAmerica.org. Every company and organization in the sports and fitness industry is encouraged to join the PHIT America Alliance

How PHIT America Will Be Promoted

We expect to communicate to 50-60 million Americans. We will reach America via:

  • A social media campaign using Facebook, Twitter, etc. from PHIT America Alliance Members
  • Other marketing and communication by PHIT America and our Alliance members
  • We will send out regular “News Flashes” promoting the issues and how Americans can help “Get Fit”

Our “Call to Action” - Ask Americans to:

  • Advocate: Contact their Members of Congress to support legislation which will “Help America Get PHIT” (PHIT)
  • Donate: Make a donation to PHIT America
  • Volunteer: Help spread the word; Be part of our PHIT America network 

PHIT will produce positive results for America and to our industry. For the specific reasons why The PHIT Act is so important to our industry, please visit the PHIT, How It Benefits You webpage.

Initial PHIT America donations and sponsorship will support our advocacy, legislative, and administrative staff. As our fundraising increases, we will have a grant program to support activity based and physical education programs throughout America.

PHIT America Alliance - A Group of Committed Companies and Athletes Using Their Social Media Platforms

  • SFIA Members
  • Other companies or organizations in the sports and fitness industry
  • Sports and fitness retailers
  • Sports celebrities including present and past National Health through Fitness Day attendees
  • National Health through Fitness Day Sponsors
  • Other corporate sponsors

If you would like to join the PHIT America Alliance please contact Jim Baugh.

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