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SFIA Strives to Educate, Inform and Ensure Reasonable Safety Regulations

Summary of SFIA Activities on Product Safety
The SFIA works with Congress and the CPSC to protect its members from inappropriate product safety regulations. SFIA educates Congress and the federal government on the sports & fitness industry’s commitment to safe and healthy products.

Hosted webinars and conference calls from SFIA Product Testing Partner, Bureau Veritas, and the SFIA Legal Task Force are held to ensure SFIA members understand new product safety regulations and how they apply to their products. The LTF has provided valuable insight on compliance with product safety laws via the webinar series. Click here to view the library of Thought Leadership Webinars that address these issues.

More Information on SFIA Efforts on Product Safety
The sporting goods and fitness industry’s commitment to safe products, combined with SFIA’s work with Congress and the federal government on Product Safety concerns has limited government oversight of the industry.   The enactment of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2009, created new challenges for SFIA members on phthalates and lead content in children’s products.  The original language called for reduced phthalate levels in products a “child uses when it plays”.  The intent was to target toys a child could suck on or place in their mouth, however due to the broad definition sporting goods products were also be subjected to the phthalate restrictions.  While well intended, the phthalate ban applied to sports and fitness products a child would never place in its mouth.  SFIA reached out to CPSC on the issue and received an exemption for our members' products. 

SFIA provides the membership with updates on product safety matters through our SFIA Weekly E-newsletter.

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Please contact Bill Sells at 301.495.6321 or at bsells@sfia.org for more information on the SFIA's efforts concerning Product Safety regulatory issues.


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