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Targeted Tariff Relief
Eliminate Select Tariffs to Reduce Import Costs

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Summary of SFIA Activities on Tariff Relief

The SFIA identifies outdated tariffs on sporting goods & fitness products then works with Congress and the Federal Government to eliminate or reduce them to lower import costs.


More Information on Tariff Relief

Free-Trade agreements have been slowed by President Trump but efforts to address tariff matters have continued.  A renewal of the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) and expansion of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program provided SFIA members with an opportunity to realize tariff relief on a variety of products.

Free Trade Agreements

President Trump pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership when he took office and talks on the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement with the E.U. in serious jeopardy.   There has been almost no significant progress on talks to renegotiate the terms of TPP.  The President is engaged in renegotiating the terms of the NAFTA agreement with Mexico and Canada with hopes of striking a deal more favorable to American businesses and workers.  SFIA supports Free Trade Agreements and will encourages the Administration to find common ground with our key trading partners.

Generalized System of Preferences

The Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) eliminates tariffs on products imported from eligible counties with developing economies.  SFIA and its members petitioned the International Trade Commission and U.S. Trade Representative to expand the GSP program to include backpacks, sports bags and golf bags manufactured in GSP eligible countries.  SFIA was successful in its effort and GSP tariff benefits were extended to backpacks, sports bags and golf bags effective July 1,2017.  Manufacturers sourcing production in any one of the 122 eligible GSP countries can avoid duties of up to 17.6% on imports of bags.  For list of GSP eligible countries please click here

Miscellaneous Tariff Bills
After searching for a solution to the MTB “earmark” problem, Congress finally approved a new process initiated at the International Trade Commission (ITC) to move forward on tariff relief for products no longer produced in the U.S.   SFIA organized the industry on requesting MTB relief.  The ITC recommended inclusion of 33 SFIA petitions for tariff relief on sports and fitness products.  Each petition is capped at $500,000 annually for a period of three years yielding annual tariff relief of $16.5 million annually and $49.5 million over the course of three years.  For a complete list of products recommended for tariff relief please click here.

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For more information on tariff relief, please contact Bill Sells at 301.495.6321 or at bsells@sfia.org.

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