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Tracking the Fitness Movement 2006 Edition

Tracking the Fitness Movement 2006 Edition (2006)

At the club, in the water, at home, on a bikepath, or alongside the road. Those are the main venues where millions of Americans are working out in order to get and stay fit. For the complete story on the state of the fitness industry in the US, the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association is releasing its annual fitness study, Tracking the Fitness Movement (2006 edition). This annual report provides the reader with current participation details and sales trends for fitness activities and equipment exercise in the United States. These fitness pursuits -- more than 20 -- range from abdominal trainers to fitness bicycling to treadmills to yoga/tai chi. The main chapters for Tracking the Fitness Movement are Key Trends; Fitness Participation Trends in Detail; Analyzing Frequent Fitness Participants; Manufacturers' Sales of Fitness Equipment; and Data Bank: Demographic Report on Fitness Participants. There are also two special reports: (1) Strength and Cardio Users, and (2) Prizm Finds Boomer Exercisers. The entire report is filled with graphs, charts, and statistical tables which reveal levels of interest and activity in all areas of fitness.

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