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A Study of Financial Performance in the Sporting Goods Industry 2005

A Study of Financial Performance in the Sporting Goods Industry 2005

This is SGMA International's 22nd annual report on the financial state of the domestic sporting goods manufacturing industry based upon actual financial results of 57 sporting goods companies headquartered in the U.S. It presents what we believe to be the best and most accurate assessment of the financial state of the industry. Financial information on the industry, provided by the Department of Commerce, continues to be erroneous as these statistics are generated from SIC codes which do not fully and properly represent the industry. Unfortunately, many consulting firms, as well as some of the business journals, also disseminate financial information on our industry based upon this incomplete overage. This report is divided into two main parts. The first part includes financial ratios measuring the financial performance of the industry based on actual results of 57 sporting goods companies and a second section on publicly owned companies containing operating results and stock prices/dividend data extracted from annual reports/10Ks. The second section covers 42 public sporting goods companies. It is our hope that this report will provide insight for sporting goods managers that can help inspire even better financial performance in the industry. And for those readers who are outside the industry, we hope this report provides you with a good perspective. 2005 Edition - 30 pages [PDF - 209k]

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