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Aquatic Exercise Participation Report 2014

Aquatic Exercise Participation Report 2014

One of 100 In-Depth Participation Trends and Profiles on Sports and Activities

Overview of Single Study Participation Report
Go deep into participation trends for each sport with detailed demographic profiles by gender, participation frequency and cross-sport participation.
Generated from over 19,000 nationwide participants using online surveys, SFIA’s Single Sport Participation Reports include the most updated research on today’s sports and fitness participants. These annual studies reflect the total U.S. Population from ages 6 and above, offering exclusive data and key information attainable only through SFIA.

Additional Information on this Report
Each edition of this sport report includes the following information:

  • Shows participation trends over the last f years
  • Easily accessible key facts
    • Example: There are 8,483,000 Aquatic Exercise participants in the U.S. (2013).
  • Breakdown of participation by gender, age, education, region, income
  • List of cross participation data with other activities
    • Example: 29% of Aquatic Exercise participants also take part in bowling (2013).
  • Different techniques used to increase statistical accuracy, including weighting and a “two year rolling average”

In addition, the report provides further detail into the industry through other related statistics. This is the eighth straight year that this research has been made available by SFIA.

If you have any questions about this report, please contact Cameron Jacobs.

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