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Tracking the Fitness Movement 2001

Tracking the Fitness Movement 2001

Perhaps because it usually happens little by little, we often don't realize how much change is occurring in our lives. Certainly that concept applies to the fitness movement, which experienced extraordinary change between the years 1990 and 2000. Who would have guessed, when the '90s began, that sales of home exercise equipment, something of a niche business at the time, would increase 193% by 2000; that treadmills would become commonplace in the home, with consumers spending upwards of $1.8 billion for them in 2000; that health club membership would grow 57% to nearly 33 million; and that nearly one out of every four members would be age 55 or older? The relationship between health and exercise is at the core of what most observers believe is a favorable long-term outlook for the fitness industry. Tracking the Fitness Movement (2001 edition), SGMA's annual study on the exercise equipment industry, is considered by many to be the most comprehensive report of its kind on the fitness industry, this 28-page magazine-style report contains a multitude of participation and sales figures on more than 20 fitness activities. One special section reveals the eleven key equipment and industry trends, while another lists the seven significant reasons affecting exercise participation patterns in the United States. 2001 Edition -- 28 pages. PDF: 874k


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