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Outdoor Recreation in America 2001

Outdoor Recreation in America 2001

The paradox of outdoor activities in America is that we enjoy them very much but we do them very little. For example, 21% of scuba divers say that it is their favorite sport,yet only 13% of scuba divers are able to participate at the rate of 12 times a year or more. This love-in-the-face-of-absence situation applies to many other outdoor activities. Twenty-three percent of downhill skiers rate that sport as their favorite, yet only 13% of all skiers manage to experience the sport more than 12 times a year. What this says is that our outdoor experiences are very precious to us. Page 3 lists the 26 sports activities that participants are most likely to call their favorite; 13 of them are outdoor pursuits. Participation in all sports and exercise is healthy; participating in a natural, and often wild, setting is especially good for the spirit as well. And this probably accounts for the popularity of outdoor sports even though most of us are able to experience them only rarely. Outdoor Recreation in America, SGMA's current report on the outdoors, is a 24 page report which contains participation trends and demographic data on 35 outdoor activities under the areas of camps, trails & mountains, fresh & saltwater fishing, shooting sports, snow sports, water sports (kayaking, surfing, scuba, snorkeling etc). This fact filled study features numerous statistical charts, graphs and tables divulging information on various aspects of the outdoor participant -- i.e. household income, average age, gender, years participated and frequency of 'play'. Also contained herein are sales of outdoor footwear, apparel & equipment. 2001 Edition - 24 pages (PDF: 563k)

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