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Guidelines for Moveable Soccer Goal Safety 1995

Guidelines for Moveable Soccer Goal Safety 1995

Soccer has tremendous growth potential, and the challenge of funding and constructing adequate playing facilites should not hold it back. To help volunteer groups meet this challenge, SICA has produced this guide to put basic information on funding and constructing playing fields into the hands of those who need it. Data was gathered from groups across the U.S. who have participated in funding and building a soccer field. The collective wisdom of fundraising and field building veterans combined with the reference materials included in the appendix will help your organization make more efficient use of your time and money, and keep your project moving smoothly toward a successful completion. NOTE: The Guidelines for Moveable Soccer Goal Safety publication is offered here as a separate document. It is also part of the appendix ducuments of the Soccer Site Planning System report. 1995 Edition - 13 pages: 333k - PDF Only

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