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Soccer in the USA 2002-2003

Soccer in the USA 2002-2003 (2002)

Soccer in the USA 2002 - 2003, How Soccer Works in America, is a 20 page report developed in partnership between SGMA International and Soccer America. Unveiled the week of August 5th, the booklet is a compendium of general information designed for a broad spectrum of users. Included are such topics as the growth of soccer in the United States, our various professional leagues, and a breakdown of American soccer "by the numbers". Soccer in the USA is an overview of the organizations, structure, trends, resources and leadership of American soccer. It's created for public and private organizations and individuals that are exploring American soccer. They may be: * city councils considering support of local soccer field complexes * companies researching sponsorship involvement * businesses planning a new product * newspaper reporters researching how a community's * soccer families are impacting the political process It is designed to be simple and user friendly, but it is only an overview. 2002-2003 Edition (PDF only 20 pages / 4333k)

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