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Trade 101 Conference Call Power Point - 9/29/2010

Trade 101 Conference Call Power Point - 9/29/2010





On September 29, 2010 SGMA hosted a conference call for members with our trade advisors from STR to provide them with an overview of  U.S. trade programs designed to help importers save duties via free trade agreements, preference programs, duty drawback rules and first sale. The call focused on ensuring that importers understood basic compliance standards for entering products into the U.S. including valuation, classification, rules or of origin and proper documentation. 

In addition, the presenters discussed general sourcing strategies for how to increase profits in an increasingly competitive global environment.

Lastly, the call provided a brief snapshot of the current trade and regulatory environment in Washington and what to expect in 2011. For additional background information click here.

If you would like to capture a RECAP/SUMMARY of the presentation be sure to download the presentation that we have made available to members.

If you would like to inquire about SGMA/AFIRM Membership please contact Jonathan Michaels, at jmichaels@sfia.org or 301.495.6321 x 420.

Special Message From SFIA Research
For the past 107 years, the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) has been the leading source of research-based knowledge for the sports and fitness industry. The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association has recently transitioned to a new name for our organization: Sports & Fitness Industry Association, with the acronym SFIA. The foundation of our trade association and the core constituents who benefit from an affiliation with our organization remains the same. However, we believe the new name represents a much clearer reflection of our current and future membership. This is not a shift in philosophy for our organization. It is simply a more accurate and transparent indication of the broader industry segments that we serve.
In this report, and any others released prior to October 2012, you will see references to SGMA throughout it that pre-date our transition from SGMA to SFIA.
For more information related to the rebranding process, please visit the SFIA website at
www.sfia.org/about/sfiafaqs to review our FAQ’s. You may also contact SFIA Headquarters at 301.495.6321.

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