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2011 Sports, Fitness & Recreational Activities Topline Participation Report

2011 Sports, Fitness & Recreational Activities Topline Participation Report

Definitive Source for Sport Participation in America

The sporting goods industry is made up of an extremely diverse and large market. As a result, recognizing emerging trends in participation within the sports and recreational activity market is of great value to manufacturers in developing their new products and selling their existing ones. If you are a fitness equipment manufacturer is it critical to know whether more people are using treadmills or exercising with free weights? Or which team sports are increasing in participation and which are not?  Participation drives demand and the participation trends contained in the SGMA's 2011 Sports & Fitness Participation Report are the definitive source for this information.

Whether it's team, extreme, or anything in between, this SGMA report provides answers to how many millions of people play basketball, go freshwater fishing, or run on a treadmill. More importantly, a major focus is put on CORE participants, the ones who are typically the main purchasers of equipment, services, and user fees; the one's expected to spend the most money. The figures reflect a nationwide survey sample size of 38,742  which provides a high degree of statistical accuracy.

Highlights from the 2011 report:

  • There are positive signs for 2011 with significant numbers of active participants set to increase spending.
  • Generation Y are twice as likely to take part in team sports than Generation X [because] the psychological tendency of Generation Y is more positively disposed to team sports than their Generation X predecessors who are more 'individual' in nature.
  • Fitness sports are 'aspirational' for all age groups with Swimming and Weight Training being mentioned the most often.
  • Lacrosse and Rugby are growing niche sports, while indoor team sports like ice hockey and indoor soccer have cooled off.

This report should be on the desk of every manager, product designer, marketing executive or brand & category manager.

Special Message From SFIA Research
For the past 107 years, the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) has been the leading source of research-based knowledge for the sports and fitness industry. The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association has recently transitioned to a new name for our organization: Sports & Fitness Industry Association, with the acronym SFIA. The foundation of our trade association and the core constituents who benefit from an affiliation with our organization remains the same. However, we believe the new name represents a much clearer reflection of our current and future membership. This is not a shift in philosophy for our organization. It is simply a more accurate and transparent indication of the broader industry segments that we serve.
In this report, and any others released prior to October 2012, you will see references to SGMA throughout it that pre-date our transition from SGMA to SFIA.
For more information related to the rebranding process, please visit the SFIA website at
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