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IOC Rule 50 Guidelines; XXIII Winter Olympic Games, Pyeonchang 2018

IOC Rule 50 Guidelines; XXIII Winter Olympic Games, Pyeonchang 2018

Guidelines Regarding Authorised Identifiactions

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The prohibition of any advertising and publicity in and above Olympic sites (as expressed in the Olympic Charter) is one of the aspects that differentiate the Olympic Games from other international events.

This is reflected in particular in Bye-Law to Rule 501 of the Olympic Charter as follows:

No form of publicity or propaganda, commercial or otherwise, may appear on persons, on sportswear, accessories or, more generally, on any article of clothing or equipment whatsoever worn or used by the athletes or other participants in the Olympic Games, except the identification […] of the manufacturer of the article or equipment concerned, provided that such identification shall not be marked conspicuously for advertising purposes.

Placing the national and Olympic identity of athletes at the forefront helps to further distinguish the Olympic Games, whilst respecting the significant contribution that sporting goods manufacturers provide.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is therefore pleased to present the Guidelines regarding Authorised Identifications for the XXIII Winter Olympic Games, PyeongChang 2018.

These Guidelines provide guidance on how Olympic Charter Rule 50 is to be implemented, in particular (i) as to when an identification is “marked conspicuously for advertising purposes” (and hence prohibited), (ii) which types of identifications are allowed, (iii) where such identifications may be placed and (iv) how many times such identifications may appear. These rules apply to all of the athletes, officials and other accredited persons within the Olympic Games venues and sites.

These Guidelines are not intended to restrict or otherwise impair new, innovative technological design features of Items (as defined below) as long as these are in conformity with the rules and regulations applicable for the sports concerned, the Olympic Charter and these Guidelines.

Notwithstanding the above, these Guidelines are to be used subject to the understanding that:

(i) in case of contradictions between these Guidelines and Rule 50 of the Olympic Charter, the latter shall prevail;

(ii) the IOC Executive Board shall be the sole authority to finally determine whether the use of a name, designation, trademark, logo or any other distinctive sign complies with the Olympic Charter and these Guidelines; and

(iii) the IOC reserves the right to further interpret and/or supplement these Guidelines in order to help ensure that the spirit and purposes of Rule 50 are respected.

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