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2017 U.S. Trends in Team Sports

2017 U.S. Trends in Team Sports

The Ultimate Report on the State of Team Sports


Overview of The U.S. Trends in Team Sports Report
Team sports are part of the American Landscape. This report looks at participation and market trends within this vital sector of the industry.


Topics Covered Include:

  • The State of Team Sports in 2017
  • Organized vs. Pick-Up Play
  • Interview with Dayveon Ross, CEO, ShotTracker
  • Trends in Core vs. Casual Play - Cause for Optimism, Caution
  • Core vs. Casual Participation (A closer look)
  • 2017 Update on Churn Rate
  • 2017 Consumer Spending & Sales Analysis

Additional Information on this Report
Team sports are a part of the American landscape. Each year, the SFIA takes an in depth look into all things team sports.  From detailed data about youth participation to understanding the latest trends, this report is a must have for anyone looking to understand team sports in this country.  Readers can dive deeper than ever before in the specific trends that are shaping this industry.  Learn about the sports that are growing and which ones are struggling with participation.  In addition, this report includes key insight from industry leaders and interested stakeholders.

For more information about SFIA Research, email Alex Kerman, Manager, Business Operations at akerman@sfia.org or call 301.495.6321 x1004.  



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